Ellie asks “What are the best methods to attract new TripleClicks members?”

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What are the best methods to attract new TripleClicks members?
Category: TripleClicks Sales
Asked by Ellie Murphy
Affiliate Responds:
“In my honest opinion, I had great success promoting TC Gift Cards online using safelists. The key to this strategy is the approach. I always approach potential members from the standpoint of saving money first on name brand merchandise they buy already, then saving the time it would take to go to the shopping mall or the local store. Finally, I drive the point home with convenience of free shipping in many cases and having your merchandise shipped right to your front door so you avoid traffic, long checkout lines, and hassle of dealing with poor customer service at the store. There are multiple checkout options to make a secure transaction online which is GeoTrust Verified and utilizes SSL encryption technology to protect sensitive payment information. Shopping TripleClicks is quick, simple, and easy.Every shopper loves to save money. Shopaholics live for the deal! TripleClicks will save you money so you do more of what you love to do. All you have to do is use the filter to find the best deal base on the criteria you are looking for. I advise them that if you can’t save money by making the switch to TripleClicks then don’t do it! Factor in the time it takes to go to the store and back along with the gas. With TripleClicks you don’t have to spend the gas which saves you money. If the item happens to be on auction you can save up to 99% off retail!Moreover many of the ECAs allow for local pickup and all of the prizes won on auctions are shipped for free. This saves you time and money. Avoid rude cashiers, unhelpful sales associates, and long checkouts. Not to mention in bigger cities, there can be a traffic jam. TripleClicks is a very attractive solution to every bargain hunter and the TC Gift Card provides even more savings because they got it for free!Therefore the best approach to attract TC members is to give them what they need as a viable shopping solution and TripleClicks over delivers. My shopping experiences have been excellent. I mostly buy items to build my business but there is so much to choose from. So all you need to do is grab a few digital gift cards and go to work! “
Another Affiliate Responds:
“Prospective TC members can be acquired in a variety of ways such as social media, trade shows or online through your website or blog. If you want to maximize your exposure and attract significant number of prospects for TripleClicks, you have to make use of all available advertising channels for prospecting effectively.
1. Start with SFI marketing methods
You can start with the marketing methods provided by SFIusing all the 35 Marketing Aids ranging from Wearables (T-Shirts), X-Cards, TC-E-Cards/banners, TC Gift Card, Car Magnet, TC Splash and TC Postcard.2. Use search engines
Search engines are the top source of new website visitors, so it’s worth investing on SEO. More web pages mean more search traffic. The more web pages you have, the stronger Google sees your website.More web pages could mean:- More keywords you can target and rank for.- More information so that your prospects will be able to find you when they are searching online for TC products/services offer.- Increasing the number of chances that other websites will be able to link to your content as a reference.Adding frequently more pages with quality content, the more frequently Google checks your website and starts showing your new pages in the search results the more exposure you’ll get to target your prospects.3. Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC)Search engines allow advertising against results. In Google your ads will appear at the top and right hand side of the page. It is well worth the effort of learning how to use PPC effectively to super-charge your progress.4. Use social media, blogs and forumsSocial media, forums and blogs can be a great source of TC prospects. People hold discussions online in forums, blogs and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Some of these sites will be talking about your specialty. For instance, if you’re promoting TC Health & Wellness products/services, there are plenty of discussions taking place about healthy diet supplements and weight loss.Provided that you participate responsibly and provide genuinely helpful advice, you can get the chance to talk about your TC promotion. In fact, if done skillfully, people will end up asking you for information about what your offer, and that can be really powerful. Just make sure you know the terms and conditions of each site and abide by them, to avoid tarnishing your reputation.

5. Use link building

Search for sites that cater for your particular niche, and get them to either link to you or put you in their search results. In return, put a link back to them. This can offer added value to your visitors as well as boosting your traffic – it’s a win-win situation. It should give you more traffic through the link, and also lift your ranking in the search engines, giving more traffic that way as well.

6. Provide some additional value at your site

The digital TC Gift Card is an effective way of attracting prospects/visitors to your web/blog site. It provides additional value to your site and you can track your new PRMs at http://www.sfimg.com/gctrack

7. Use email marketing

Use emails to keep in touch with your TC prospects and turn them into solid leads. If you have launched an email campaign to attract new TC members, you need to follow up on your prospects. You can use automated marketing emails (auto responders) to boost your marketing efforts. Expand your audience and get your message across to more and more people; nurture leads and navigate them through the sales funnel using targeted content distributed via email. The best thing about email is that it can be used together with other tools such as social media (add a sign up form to your Facebook page for example) or networking events (collect emails and add them to your database).

8. Market offline

You need also to consider whether traditional marketing methods such as direct mail or doing personally small stuff like distributing TC Gift Cards, placing your TC X-Cards to designated places in small businesses or in malls, may drive traffic cost-effectively to your site.

Use different marketing strategies.

Create a marketing strategy that includes email marketing, social media, word-of-mouth and so on. Develop a marketing plan for attracting your TC prospects and assess the results of each campaign. Give yourself permission to adjust the strategy as you discover which medium works best and stick to it. ”


Another Affiliate Answers:

“Well,social net working sites play a dominant role in attracting new members to triple clicks,by effective marketing tools and banners ,u can explain the importance of triple clicks to huge members who see social sites , and by your gateway links,you can explain about triple click products of your store and by highlighting the various features of TC ,like t credits, eager zebra games ,u can easily attract new members to join triple clicks.”


Advanced Liquid Nutrition (Three 32 oz. Bottles) & 50 TCredits
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  • PTP Winner: Roshan
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Starting Out:
1. Study the Ultra-Simple 3-Step Plan (www.sfimg.com/SFIBasics3Steps).
2. Review the Compensation Plan to learn how to earn income with SFI.


All the details—percentages, qualifications, ranks, etc.—for how to make money with SFI.

A concise, easy-to-read master chart of the specific benefits of each level of SFI—payouts, perks, and Power Tools access.

View your commission reports for each month since you’ve joined SFI.

Estimate your monthly earnings with your SFI business.

The six simple steps to achieve SFI’s top rank (Diamond Team Leader), reach maximum success, and build a full-time residual income.

A detailed up-to-the-minute report including names, geographic data, yesterday’s top enrollers, and other information about SFI and TripleClicks enrollments today, yesterday, and month-to-date.

Frequently asked questions about compensation and getting paid.

Earn up to $10 for each SFI Affiliate you sign up.

SFI offers several ways to receive your commissions. Choose or modify the way you wish to receive your commissions here.

Download the PDF form for this option.

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Advanced Liquid Nutrition (Three 32 oz. Bottles) & 50 TCredits
Retails at: $183.00Winning bid:
Auction ended: 2015-06-03 18:06:47 CST
Auction length: 3 hours 36 minutes 40 seconds
Auction ID: 60729

Won by TripleClicks Member
  • 1WA NBA New Auction
  • PTP Winner: Roshan
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How to go about setting up local meetings or seminars to recruit PSAs and PRMs?

How to go about setting up local meetings or seminars to recruit PSAs and PRMs?

Category: Team building

“First, we need a space, indoor or outdoor, in order to deliver well the message in our content. Comfortability of our attendees plays an important role.

Then, fix a date and time, also the contact person of organiser to handle all enquiries.

Spread the words around, brochures and leaflet about your coming Seminar, explain well if we do provide any gifts or will there be any fees attached.

Keeping a record of attendees particular is beneficial to build a long term connection.

Finalize your
‘Campaign’s Headline’
and list out what and how your seminar will benefits others
” Free Course on Making Money from Home ” or ” How to start a Business from Home ”
~An Entrepreneur’s Opportunity~”


Another Affiliate Responds:

“Provision of training will need to begin with planning in advance. The planning stage will have you establish the following:

Location – where will these sessions be held, what size of space is required, how accessible is the location for people using public transit or own vehicle to get there

Place – you may want to do in people homes so those invited are by the host, or make arrangements with a local coffee shop to make arrangements for sessions to be held

Time: what time will sessions begin and end

Day of the week – setting one day a week for training sessions is much easer to have participants spread the word about your workshops – if you do not book a regular day of the week, it can be bard to have attendees track when he or she is to come for a second session/follow-up to learn more about SFI as a business option

Advertisement – will news about sessions being held be done via Social Media, local news paper advertisements, direct mail campaigns, personal delivery of flyers to people that you meet or use of bulletin boards available in public places even at post-secondary institutions

Happy Planning!”

How do I get my affiliates to understand the importance of grabbing the DAILY Action VP available to them?

” Personal & Financial SUCCESS In Ninety Days Or Less “

Category: Duplication
Asked by Younssi Abdellatif

How do I get my affiliates to understand the importance of grabbing the DAILY Action VP available to them?

Category: Duplication

Affiliate Responds:

“This is an easy one. Attending to your daily tasks and earning versa points (VP) is a very important part of building your business. Even though you should not focus entirely in this area, you should most definitely give it your daily attention.

When you earn VP, it contributes to your share in the TripleClicks Executive Pool as long as you have at least 1500 VP for the current month.

For every VP you earn, you receive one share in the TripleClicks Executive Pool which then forms part of your income. So you can see that the more VP you earn, the greater your share in the pool.

Shares in the TripleClicks Executive Pool are also earned for you by your team. For each team member in your downline who is EA2 and above, you will earn matching VP and thus more shares in the TripleClicks Executive Pool.

This is of course, only one way to gain your monthly earnings, there are many other ways in which SFI have provided for us to earn our income. You can choose one way and concentrate on that or you can choose many ways and use them all for a significant income boost.”

Another Affiliate gives answer:

“For us who are longer in SFI Business it is very clear why Action VPs are so important and how hard is to get those Action VersaPoints when you do not have a team yet. Even if we have a good, hardworking team, we still collect our 13 AVP every day. So, if milion people are doing something and benefit from that,it is clear that they are not wasting their time.

Our goal at the end of the month is 1500VP. If you have a chance to collect quarter of that by doing the DAILY TASKS (which takes about half an hour), why wouldn’t you take that opportunity?

To conclude – every job has something that you need to DO actually – in SFI company, DAILY TASKS are our job. You cannot expect anything if you are not willing to do your job.

If you are having a hard time persuading someone to do their job, you really should not waste any time on them, they do not want to work. Invest your energy in someone who wants to earn by working, not waiting and hoping.”


Another Affiliate Responds:

“Versa Point is the crux of the SFI business. The members are paid according to the amount of versa points they earn every month which are included in the share of the total of the monthly executive pool. The total of the daily action(avps) during the month plus svps are the sum total for the month.
We can receive our commission on the 10th of next month reflecting the value in dollars of our share in the executive pool.

Our daily actions are identified along the green bar(tabs) in the Affiliate Center which sum up to 14 avps and including the review of tripleclicks products.. 2 daily actions require 1 tcredit each. If we log in daily and complete the daily tasks, we can earn 14 avps. i.e 420 avps per month which will be added to our total vps for that month.

In addition to the Daily actions vps, you can earn other vps from auctions and playing eager zebra games using tcredits, weekly, monthly and intermediate tasks.

420 avps for the month contribute 28% of 1500 vps to maintain our EA rank. So why waste that free avps by not log in daily and spend extra money to buy tcredits to earn avps to compensate for the loss? Cost saving is part of the business to maximize profit.

Most importantly, by login daily, we keep on learning about the business, read Forum, SFI news etc…

So make it our habit to log in and be serious of earning from SFI. Let it be part of our business practices. Or else SFI business means nothing to us. Remember our goals and objectives when we first registered in SFI.

So don’t let our AVPs lead to waste by not earning 14 avps daily.”


Another Affiliate Gives Input:

“Daily actions are critical for business growth.

The importance of daily AVP tasks will need to be stated by you which reinforces the message that we all receive as affiliates with SFI. We are fortunate enough to receive stories shared through the Forum by fellow affiliates following To-do List tasks and expressing gratitude for the success of performing such actions, and we also get information about the importance about the Daily AVP during our Launch Pad Training – first month of joining.

Modelling to down line affiliates is important so send out a Team Mail message which shares what you do to ensure that you don’t miss performing these AVP tasks but also express how you are benefiting from performing these tasks daily. It is important to share your experience about how daily AVP tasks are helping your business grow and also it is important to share the “missed benefits” when tasks are not performed.

Review postings by fellow affiliates on the Forum or Stream tab and share links with down-line affiliates so that they will not only hear the benefits from you but also from other SFI affiliates as well.

Find life experiences that require us to take each day or each moment to develop into something bigger even a reminder about the little boy who through starfish back into the ocean – he believed that helping 1 was a start – an important start.

AVP’s add up – but the greater benefit are the other outcomes that come from earning the Daily AVP – badges on portal page, winning Daily Grand Prizes, coming in as Class Champ – there are many benefits just by earning AVP’s daily.”


Another Affiliate Input:

“To get your affiliates to understand the importance of grabbing the Daily Action VP available to them, is to explain to them and make sure that they understand the relationship between their business/earnings and the Daily VPs.

>Explain to them that the Daily VP helps them to qualify to earn.
>Explain that the shares at TripleClicks Executive Pool are determined by their VPs.

Explain that in order to earn better, you must be a team leader and to maintain your team leader level you need lot of these Action VPs which you can earn most of them easy and for free from Daily Actions. Failing to do so, can cost you lot of TCredits and time on participating on games and auctions.

So to save time and money, it’s better to grab this free and easy Daily Action VersaPoints.

I hope this will make them aware and to understand how important are these single AVPs.
Thank you. ”


Admin Remarks:

This Affiliate at this time has not missed a day in 111 days of getting at least 10 AVP,  usually work for at least 20 AVP a day.  I believe that it is well worth the time to learn and build my business capabilities for income. Seeking Success for me and my Team.  Always seek to set the example for success!


I want to do local training for my affiliates. How do I get them to come to my training sessions?

I want to do local training for my affiliates. How do I get them to come to my training sessions?

Category: Team building

Organise to have regular monthly meetings in your area. Put an ad in the local paper and distribute some flyers advertising the date and time of your meeting. Provide the address and your name and phone number.

Advise that this will be a regular monthly get together to help members get set up in their own business. Most importantly tell them that it is totally free and no-one is under any obligation.

Set up your garage with some tables and chairs. Organise to have some posters, flyers and business cards available on the day.

If possible, request anyone attending bring along their laptop so you can demonstrate just how things work. They can then make up their own mind and have another look at it when they get home. They may even join up there and then.

When your meeting is over and everyone is fairly clear on how to operate this great business, make a date for the next meeting to follow up and provide help where it is needed. Continue your newspaper advertisement for more new members each month.

This is an ideal situation to hand out some $12 Gift Cards and for anyone who actually joins on the night, provide them with a Gift Certificate to get started.

How do I get my affiliates to understand the amazing opportunity offered by SFI?

How do I get my affiliates to understand the amazing opportunity offered by SFI?

Category: Team building

Tell them a story they can relate to, usually your own. 

Tell them why you decided to start a home business.

Tell them how you found SFI and why you joined the program.

Tell them about the training you received and how it has helped your business.

Tell them about small successes you have accomplished like I have 30 PSA and 180 total members in my team, or I have won the daily grand drawing 3 times and am a Finalist in E-365, currently ranked number 3 in my class.

Tell them about your goals for your SFI business.

Tell them about TripleClicks and how they can promote any of the 80,000+ products on the site to make money as early as today.

Tell them what affiliate marketing is, the ability to promote the sale of a product owned by another company and earn commissions when they close the sale.

Tell them this is not a get rich quick scam, that SFI takes real time and effort but as a result it pays real and lasting rewards.

Tell them that SFI has been in this business for over 17 years and the parent company has been in network marketing for over 30 years. Be sure to let them know that despite all these years of steady growth you can still chat up the President and founder of SFI in the forums where he and his team are very active.

Tell them that beyond affiliate marketing there is the potential to also build a team of affiliates down up to 12 levels and profit when they take action on their future.

Tell them every small action they take pays off in growing earnings, a few pennies at first, then dollars, then hundreds and even thousands if they just stick with the SFI program and follow the training they receive free of cost.

Lastly mention that there is no membership to buy, no upgrades, they can even choose if they wish to pursue Fast Track status by generating $20 in sales or purchases in their first 10 days and that the reward for that is up to 10% extra network wide earnings for life.

As an affiliate program you are not required to buy a auto-ship of product you will never use or pay a fee for the right to make money. We have free members who started with nothing but time and hard work and now work entirely from home, and we also have members who have shaved years off their path to success by securing EA2 status in their first couple months and maintaining a standing order that helps them grow their business even before they start promoting that month.

Tell them about the support and fellowship our global membership experience in the forums and on Ask SC and ask them what do they have to lose besides valuable time? ”



SFI Welcome Letter



My name is Gerald Jones and I am one of your Team Leaders in this new and life changing adventure called “Strong Future International” (or SFI).

I am sure you may have looked at, and even tried, other online networking business opportunities but I am here to tell you that you have never seen anything like SFI. I know that is quite a statement and yes, I can back it up. But first, there are a few things you must see for yourself.

First. Keep your wallet in your pocket. I’m not going to tell you that there will never be a cost of doing business but I personally know several people who have discovered ways to build a strong and lasting online business with very minimal personal cost. We can get into that later.

Let’s get started. Below you will find several helpful links to get you started the right way.

1. Basics


These “Basics” will show you the simplicity of this business in 1,2,3 fashion.

2. Launchpad


Daily (one each day) lessons to teach you how to be successful. It is best to read and re-read each lesson till it is fully understood.

3. e365


Entrepreneur365 (E365) is a challenge in which you compete with every other SFI affiliate who joined SFI the same day you did.

4. Your Affiliate Center


Here is the foundational home page for your entire SFI business venture.

5. Your Team Leader’s (My) Leadership Page


This is where you can keep up with any happenings in our team (contests, rewards, recognition, etc.) as well as my most exciting blog. ;=) It also contains all of my contact information. So please, never hesitate to get in touch with me about anything at all.

Send me an email and just say “Hi!” I’d really like to hear from you.

Gerald Jones
SFI Team Leader



JMT “Join My Team” 

Why are Eager Zebra Games important to SFI affiliates?




Using a standard 52-card deck, with Kings being high, guess if the next card dealt to you will be higher or lower than the previous card. For each correct guess, you’ll score points. The more daring you are, the more points you’ll be awarded. Earn Bonus Points with a long straight or one of five Sidekicks. Post a top 100 score for the day and you’ll win a share of the daily Card King Zackpot. Earn instant bonus prizes and cool badges, too! Play free twice daily, and more games for as little as one TCredit. No purchase necessary to win. Learn more and get tips for winningHERE.


A recent 17-page study, titled “2013 State of Online Gaming Report,” found that 44 percent of the world’s online population are gamers. And it is estimated that over one BILLION people worldwide play online games on a regular basis–with more than 100 million playing DAILY!

Online games represent a MASSIVE and hugely-profitable, multi-million dollar opportunity for SFI and its affiliates!

Games at TripleClicks can also attract millions of new people to TripleClicks. That’s potentially millions of new shoppers, new customers, and new PRMs (with their lifetime commissions) for you. The larger TripleClicks grows in traffic and popularity, the more we can do as a company, the more and better ECAs we can attract…which builds the groundwork for more and better products, better prices, reduced shipping costs, and many other powerful benefits for SFI affiliates and TripleClicks members both.


   Mar Fajardo , STL (Ontario, CA) 
Affiliate since: 05/03/2002, Power Rank: 113 | Read Mar’s 413 other Ask SC answers
The Eager Zebra games are designed to attract and keep you engage in your SFI business. The competition, prizes and display of badges that comes in Eager Zebra games participation will give you a feeling of satisfaction of your accomplishment and the desire to achieve more.How the Eager Zebra games factor in to building a successful SFI business:- Your participation will earn you TCredits, MRPs and badges, while having fun at the same time.-TCredits and MRPs can be used to purchase products at TripleClicks to grow your SFI business.- The badges are recognition of your achievements, giving you honor and admiration from your team. Your team will be inspired, earn their respect and will most likely be listening to your tips and advice.- Through your example, your downline will get motivated to follow you. This will in turn increase the volume of sales in your organization.The Eager Zebra games are an important part of your SFI business contributing enthusiasm, determination and commitment, keeping your entire team to stay active in your organization.
   Djebah O’vughe  , BTL* (Nigeria)
Affiliate since: 09/25/2012, Power Rank: 452 | Read Djebah’s 53 other Ask SC answers
Hi,In my opinion, games take about 40-45% of people’s time on the internet. Personally before I joined SFI, I used to play online Chess all day. I know that they are a lot of people the world over who spend a great deal of time looking for games online to kill time.The Eager Zebra games are a big hit and do I need to let you know that they are addictive too? Imagine how much revenue you could drive just by introducing 5 affiliates who are online games freaks like me to TripleClicks Eager Zebra games. That would amount to thousands in dollars of TCredit sales. The executive pool would be larger, you will get huge commission in sales and so on.Building a successful SFI business would be a lot quicker using the Eager Zebra games definitely. From experience, I have come to know that some of the most active affiliates are those who play the games including the auctions. I have been active and maintained my BTL status for over 18 months now thanks mostly to the auctions and the Eager Zebra games.You owe yourself a duty to advertise the Eager Zebra games as much as you could because of the huge potential to generate sales. You also need to be an active player of the games while encouraging your team to play the games too. That way, we continue to build an active downlines. From the above, you could see how the Eager Zebra games factor in to building a successful SFI business. I’m sure that you will get a lot of other good ideas from other affiliate based on this very important topic you have raised.Hope you have a great time building your SFI business. Cheers
   Andrew Anderson , BTL* (Arizona, US)
Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 602 | Read Andrew’s 281 other Ask SC answers
Beyond the added TripleClicks sales generated by game players buying additional T-credits there are other benefits for both members and SFI Affiliates alike.Eager Zebra Games build vital MRP rewards and t-credits from wins that can introduce the prospect to purchasing items or bidding in auctions. Getting something as a bonus for the money and time spent through MRP will raise the perception of value and make them fond of the rewards point system because even fun and games can reward them with cool prizes.A Personally Referred Member who get’s hooked on the Price Benders auctions can spend a couple hundred dollars a month playing to win. Winning a few t-credits in an Eager Zebra Game gives them a low risk reason to try the auctions and if they feel like they are close to a win and running low on t-credits a top off may just be in their future.Beyond the motivation to members is the strength it adds to your SFI Team Members.The affiliate who engages in games like Knock Out Trivia will develop their knowledge and increase memory and response times as they get use to thinking fast, remembering questions they have seen before, and expanding their knowledge on a global scale.Likewise the people who play Gold Streak are learning culture on a global scale. Gold Streak shares the highest and lowest average answers to a range of questions as voted on by thousands of SFI Affiliates from nearly 200 countries and dozens of languages. These results can help you become more global minded and boost your effectiveness in operating your international business.Games like Time Machine, Pick the Price, and TD Tally build skills in estimation and prediction based on trends, these are great skills for spotting new markets and being a first mover in business.Pick or Punt teaches skills in data collection and stats comparison.All of the games increase your competitive nature and help you develop the drive needed to win in games and win in life, and I don’t expect it will be too long before we see games added that will be team oriented and help our PSA and their teams develop as team players as well.So remember that each t-credit you spend on an Eager Zebra Game, even if it feels foolish or childish, is an investment in growing a part of you in the same way we learned through play and exploration as children.
   Nafisa Patwa , STL* (Kenya)
Affiliate since: 10/26/2013, Power Rank: 614 | Read Nafisa’s 181 other Ask SC answers
With the various new developments on TripleClicks including introduction of new games, the rewards for winning the games are plenty and this boosts your business. How?1. First for participating in T Time and Daily Crown which require no monetary input, you receive T Credits as your prize. T Credits are a useful business boosting tool because they give you Action Versa points (AVP).
AVPs directly impact your position in the business and your perks in SFI2. The very popular Knock Out Trivia is an equally rewarding game that can enhance your overall performance in SFI and boost your rank when you win. Again here you can win either T Credits or EZ Tokens which both complement your business. For each game you enter that requires T Credits, you earn valuable AVPs and MRPs and your lifelines also provide MRPs depending on whether its a Double MRP game.3. The T Credits you win in the games helps you bid in PriceBenders Auction, allows you to pass them to your downlines or you can purchase products using your T Credits. Its usefulness is not limited to these actions.4. Apart from the above, the Versa points you accumulate is factored into your commissions so the more points you earn, the better your income.This is a long term business and the benefits of your winnings in all the games you participate in significantly helps you conduct your business with a lot more efficiency and profitability. T Credits has a monetary value attached to them and therefore its importance in your business should not be underestimated!
   Lazar Popov , EA2* (Serbia)
Affiliate since: 08/13/2014, Power Rank: 4498 | Read Lazar’s 69 other Ask SC answers
There are 8 Eager Zebra games,that can be found here:
https://www.tripleclicks.com/indexContests.phpPlaying games is useful because of following:
1. getting free credits
2. earning commission through promotion
3. getting action VP
4. for relaxingFirstly,playing games gives you a chance to win a share of daily Zackpot (in most of cases) and earn credits (TC).If you’re good in one or more of them,you can easily get extra TC (apart from the ones you get from your standing order or W3 program),which you can use for different activities on Trippleclicks (biding on auctions or buying products,for example).
Here I would specially point out T-Time game,which is super-easy to play,just click on the picture and you’re already in!Each hour there is drawing,and you can win 2 free TC.Secondly,you can promote them with your gateways,and earn commission through PRMs (personal referred members).You can find your Eager Zebra gateways here:


When your PRM comes to play games here,he or she will need credits for it (in most of cases).And when he or she buys it – you earn commission!Thirdly,with every credit you spent on entering to some of the games you get 1 action Versa point for it!You can play as much as you like,but you’re limited to maximum of 200 action VP per month that you can get from Eager Zebra games.And,after hard working hours on SFI you can use it for fun.Play some of these games and enjoy!And also,don’t forget – while playing games you earn some nice badges too!

    Diane Allinson , STL (United Kingdom)
Affiliate since: 04/14/2014, Power Rank: 431 | Read Diane’s 42 other Ask SC answers
Eager Zebra games, especially Knockout Trivia, have been the BEST way of building my successful SFI business.For each TCredit you spend, you get 1VP (up to 200/month) and 5MRP, or 10MRP for a Double MRP game. In Knockout Trivia you can earn unlimited MRPs.If you collect more than 20VP per day, you get an extra entry in Daily Grand.For me, the best advantage has come from the MRPs. I have earned many thousands of MRPs, allowing me to invest in several $100s worth of business tools from SFI, like PSAs-To-Go and S-Builders, all building my team. When the new NMPs came out I was able to invest immediately in 5 of them without spending any money, and also getting a bonus 50 CSAs for my team on top of the 15 that came with them.If I spend say, 100 TCredits in a day playing KOT, I may win a couple of games, retrieving my 100 with which to play more, but best of all, I have earned 500-1000 MRPs. In just a few days, I have enough for another S-Builder or similar. If I don’t win, I still have the MRPs anyway, and tomorrow is a new day with more opportunities.Not forgetting also, when you buy TC Direct products using your MRPs, you also get the VPs from them too, so when I bought 5 x NMPs for just 13,300 MRPs I also earned 2,500 VPs. Buying a S-Builder earns you 280 VP.Winning extra TCredits has also allowed me to take part and win in auctions, winning more PSAs and business tools for bargain prices.It’s a WIN-WIN!
   Aina Lia , BTL* (Malaysia) 
Affiliate since: 10/01/2013, Power Rank: 372 | Read Aina’s 108 other Ask SC answers
How do Eager Zebra games factor in? Here we are talking about getting our action VPs to attain Team Leaders status, which in return will decide how much your pay check, depending at what TL level your are, ie. BTL, STL, GTL or PTL (which we all know comes with different perks).What are you getting by playing Eager Zebra games?
With lots of improvement and introduction of new games at TC, the rewards for winning the games are plenty and this will boost your progress in doing your business at SFI.• Gold Streak, TD Tally, Pick or Punt, Knockout Trivia, Time Machine and Pick The Price – giving us 200 AVPs per month, with MRP included.
• Recently introduced EZ Express Token will allow you to play Eager Zebra games, even when you exceeded your daily or weekly limit of winning, limited to six EZ Express Token per TC member per day. Extra point may be earned and enhanced and compliment your progress.With the winnings, the AVPs and MRPs awarded for all the games you’ve participated, comes other benefits. The more VP scored and accumulated is factored in to your commissions. As a Team Leader, it will significantly contribute to your success in building your business.And everyone is having fun! While building their own business.
   Osaro Odiase , EA2* (Ireland)
Affiliate since: 03/21/2013, Power Rank: 2190 | Read Osaro’s 159 other Ask SC answers
There are 3 ways in my opinion:1. RecreationalAll work are no play makes Jack a dull boy as they say, so I personally see it as part of recreation even if you do not win. The games tend to activate and exercise the brain which are necessary to bring alertness and steadiness into your SFI business.2. Winning TcreditsYour participation in Eagle Zebra games opens the way to win possible Tcredits by your personal entry and the possibility of winning matching Tcredits. By matching Tcredits I mean if an Eager Zebra game winner is one of your PSAs or PRMs and you are at least an EA2 plus you have played at least one game of the same game (or same entry if Time Machine) as the winner during the same calendar day–you’ll automatically receive a 10% match of his or her winnings. Since we all know the importance of Tcredits in this business; pay for purchases at TripleClicks, bidding at pricebender and give out to your team, there is no doubt that all these are very helpful and important in building a successful SFI business.3. Generating SignupsSuccessfully promoting Eagle Zebra games to games enthusiasts have the effect of ‘catching’ prospects and before you know it you may have ‘acquired’ some Personal Referred Members (PRMs), who may also convert to become your Personal Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs). So when you factor in the benefits you will derive from your PRMs and PSAs, you realise that you are building a successfull SFI business through the Eagle Zebra games.In conclusion, the Eagle Zebra games help in building a successful SFI business mostly when used to generate signups, therefore building a formidable team that you will teach to duplicate your Eagle Zebra promotion strategy, in order to maximize the success it generates.
   Anel Delalić , AFF (Bosnia And Herzegovina)
Affiliate since: 05/27/2014, Power Rank: 10145 | Read Anel’s 1 other Ask SC answers
Answer is simple. If you are successful in Eager Zebra gamesyou can be in SFI business. For example if you play and win you can earn your EA status easy.Win in EZ games and earn TC. Average win in games like KO trivia or those NFL games brings you between 40 to 80 TC. Do that three times in a month and spend your TC on double MRP auctions or games and use MRP to buy TC. You will then receive VP that are necessary for EA status.Look at this simple calculation I made with combination of VP earned in regular TO DO LIST actions over the month :3 EZ wins = 3 x 45 TC = 135 TC = 135 TC x double MRP actions = 1350 MRPNow rule for buying TC for MRP and getting VP is: 126 MRP = 1 TC = 102 VPEA status = 1500 VP
1500 VP = 500 VP (earned in monthly actions TO DO LIST) + 1020 VP (bought with 1260 MRP)Of course this is a ruff estimate but I think you got the idea. And believe me it works I am doing this for a few months now.
   Sampath Kumar Srinivasan , EA2* (India)
Affiliate since: 05/19/2014, Power Rank: 2689 | Read Sampath Kumar’s 183 other Ask SC answers
Before dwelling on the answer for this question I would like to share the basics of various EZ Games as follows:Quote:TD Tally
• Predict how many touchdowns 20 top NFL players will score each week.
• Finish amongst the top prognosticators to win a share of the weekly TD Tally Zackpot.
• Compete for the top spots on the NFL leaderboard and earn cool badges, too.
• Last week’s winners took home 1,045 TCredits!
• Just 1 TCredit to enter each week, no purchase necessary to play or win.Pick Or Punt
• Predict the winner of each NFL game each week.
• Finish amongst the top prognosticators to win a share of the weekly Pick Or Punt Zackpot.
• Compete for the top spots on the NFL leaderboard and earn cool badges, too.
• Last week’s winners took home 1,066 TCredits!
• Play FREE each week, no purchase necessary to win.Time Machine
• Predict the answer to a coming event and win the Time Machine Zackpot.
• Just 1 TCredit to enter, no purchase necessary to play or win.
• Plus, earn 5 Member Rewards Points with each entry!Pick The Price
• Predict the final price of a Pricebenders auction and win a share of the PTP Daily Zackpot.
• Just 1 TCredit to enter, no purchase necessary to play or win.
• Hundreds of chances to win weekly and no win limits.
• Plus, earn 5 Member Rewards Points with each entry!T-Time
• FREE TCredits awarded every hour!
• 1,440 TCredits are awarded to 720 winners every day!
• No purchase necessary to play or win.Unquote:From the above the following are clear:1. Spending of TCredit (apart from Free Games) will help one to enter the Games;
2. Spending of TCredit will help one to continue to take part (using Lifeline/Helpline,etc;
3. By spending TCredits one is able to get back AVP/MRP/Poll Points, etc;
4. Of course, AVP is restricted to maximum 200 every month;
5. The reward results in huge TCredits, Badges, Poll Points, Trivia Points, etc, etc.Finally:It is: Spending & Receiving TCredits mainly.

As a Member and Player we all will be able to achieve the above.

If we introduce people to TClicks Stores who regularly play Games by buying TCredits it will result in Earnings for us!! Isn’t it?

If they happen to buy products from TClicks Stores then it will result in Earnings for us!! Isn’t it??

If they become ECAs & do good business then it will result in Earnings for us!! Isn’t it???

Finally, if they are highly convinced of SFI Business and become an Affiliate and grow step by step to higher level leadership position with their Team then it will result in Earnings for us!! Isn’t it??

Ultimately, since these people are our Down lines, our SFI Business also grows leaps and pounds!! Isn’t it???



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