What Is Sweeva?

What is Sweeva?

Sweeva happens to be the exception to the rule when it comes to traffic exchanges. The reason why we say it like that is because traffic exchanges can be hit or miss, with them being more of a miss then a hit. With any marketing strategy you implement to drive traffic to your website or capture page you have to make sure that you don’t overdo it by spending so much time doing this one thing that you neglect the other ways you can be driving traffic to your site. When we first learned of traffic exchanges we couldn’t stop surfing for credits. We spent days just surfing and collecting and when we started spending the credits we had earned we saw hardly any results. However, Sweeva has taken the concept of traffic exchanges and merged it with the social network phenomenon.

The cool thing about Sweeva is the fact that it lets you have the opportunity to interact with others while you’re on the site surfing. Not only that you earn so many cool unlocks during the process such as, Twitter unlock which allows people to tweet your site if they like it, Faceplate where people can go to your Faceplate and share your information and you can become friends with one another, Skype unlock where people can add you directly from the page as a Skype contact and of course the Facebook unlock where someone can like your site right at the bottom of the screen. They also have a remember option where people can click it and basically bookmark your site if they like it. You also get a personal profile page that has all of your information including all of your sites you advertise on it. So people can see what you have to offer and leave comments as well.

Sweeva offers you many ways to connect with other people.

Now the way Sweeva lets you spend your credits is untraditional to most traffic exchanges as well. Where as most traffic exchanges use an exact amount of credits to have your ad scroll by Sweeva takes a different approach by using a biding system that depending on what time and what day you want your ad to be seen. So you must take that into consideration if you aren’t willing to pay for credits, however, Sweeva gives you a lot of opportunity as a free member to earn large amounts of credits by just being involved on the site and by just being loyal to them. You earn ribbons for these acts and with those ribbons come credit prizes. Plus as a free member you still have an opportunity to earn a little money. As a free member you can earn 5% for people who enroll under you and as a paid member it shoots up to 30%. So there is potential to make some cash if you’re an affiliate marketer. Plus as soon as you sign up they make your unique affiliate link and put them on 12 different advertisements that are made simple for you to just copy and past.

With Sweeva’s cool hip and fun twist on the traffic exchange industry we have to say that they are the front runner when it comes to the business. They took the idea of traffic exchange to a whole other level and we thank them for that, well that and the fact that we get to give ads thumbs up or thumbs down anonymously ((don’t judge us..lol)) we truly can say nothing bad about this site. It’s ahead of it’s time as far as we’re concerned and if we suggest any form of traffic exchange to be apart of this would be the one. So check out Sweeva if you are looking to meet some people, make some money and drive some traffic!


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