It is New Year 2017 January 1, 2017

New Years Day 2017, my thoughts.

I for one desire peace on Earth and good will for all Humanity. I am tired of wars and rumors of wars. If we, each and every one of us Humans, would accept responsibility for all of our problems and the part each and everyone of us play in this game of life, we can have peace on earth. I for one have been realizing how much I have been taught prejudice throughout my life. Religious beliefs and teachings of Church Leaders, Education Systems, and parents have not brought peace into my life, but discontent. National leaders have certainly brought about discontent among the people. A big problem is the attitude of thinking ones self, ones city, ones religion, ones nation or people better than another. If we the people of Earth would look at what we are doing with the attitude that we in anyway are better than another we could bring about peace on earth. If we as a people would look at all others as equals with just as much right to their ideas as another, but seek to find as many things that we in common could agree upon, instead of looking for things which divide us, we could have peace on Earth. Let the people of Earth find Common Sense, please. Common Sense, is what we can all agree on as Real Truth. When we the people of Earth decide to work for the Commons Sense Good of all Humanity we can truly become a happy people. I like this statement: “If it is not good for all Humanity it is not good at all.” Warmongers have set up and established money to divide people. Division and wars produce more money for Warmongering Banksters. It is all for power and control over the people. Religious leaders and churches divide the people by thinking and teaching that they are better than another, thus building up their organization for power over the people. Science as we have it today is controlled much by the Banksters who control the Education System, and what is taught to the children to dumb them down. This is all to have power over the people. With a free uncontrolled natural economy, without the power of money, but people working in harmony for the good of all, we could have advancements that is hard for most people who have been dumbed down by pseudo educations systems of the world to believe. If it were not for the Banksters who have controlled the education and outmoded scientific understanding, we could have had free non polluting energy over a hundred years ago. We could have had non polluting transportation systems without roads to maintain, using the energy that is free for the use of all of us throughout the whole of the Universe. Think clean fresh water and food for people all over the world without cost for pumping water. Think, without cost for energy by the energy cartels how the cost for homes, and everything else would decrease. We need to wake up and live and be happy. We need to come to the realization that we through the use of Common Sense principles do not need to support leaders and politicians to tell us what to do, and how to live our lives. May the wisest among us be our teachers, they will teach without charge for the betterment of society, keep the Banksters out of their way that we may have joy. I long for a world where there are no poor among us, as a people of the Americas had for 200 years of peace a couple thousand years ago, where the people had all things in common, that is until money and greed entered among the people. Let us see what we can do to bring about equality for ALL people of this Earth.

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