Make Money With SFI – Part 2

Make Money With SFI – Part 2

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From SFI Forum:

So, if you missed part 1, click on the link below.
Make Money With SFI – Part 1Well, if you read part 1, have you been Showing Up For Work? If you want to earn some money here, I sure hope you have.And just how can you earn money here after you start learning the program? In most if not all industries in the world, sales of something is how you generate revenue; and if the revenue is higher than the expenses, you make an income.

But I don’t want to address the mechanics of selling just yet….because a lot of people never even make it that far. Most people just say I can’t sell anything; I am not a salesperson; I don’t like selling, and so on and so on.

Realistically though, we are all natural born salespersons. Don’t believe me? Well, if you like a post on Facebook, your friends will probably see that in their stream. What you have done is recommended that video, or picture, or whatever it is you liked, as something that your friends might be interested in. At the end of the day, the bottom line is, that is selling. Same thing when you tell someone about some clothing you bought, or a movie you saw, or event you went to. You are selling that to those people.(You gotta see this movie – it’s fantastic!)

Now, maybe you don’t get paid for your recommendations, but you are still selling something to them, even if it is for free. If you never shared, or commented, how would people learn about whatever it is you liked? Recommending products to people based on your experience is no different – except maybe you will get a commission from letting them know about it!

Selling a product is simply sharing your experience with it. And if you have long list of friends, maybe, just maybe, someone will be interested.

So, really, we are all salespeople, in our own way. We are selling something every single day, all the time. It might be free, it might cost money, who knows? But we are sharing something, and that ladies and gentlemen is selling.

Therefore, I ask all of you who are truly interested in earning income here, to embrace the fact that you are a salesperson; that you are very effective at it; and that all you really need to learn are the mechanics of how to do it.

This is the welcome message that I have on my leadership page, and it has been there since SFI introduced them.

“Building a business is about building relationships. If you have family or friends that might be interested in joining your team, ask them. You already have a trust built up with them, and people will usually buy products or services from someone they trust!”

The only difference in building your business, is that you need to find more “friends” or customers.

And in part 3, I will start sharing how to find products you can sell, or promote.

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