Make Money With SFI – Part 3

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A long time ago, in 1972, when I was 15 years old, I got my first taste of direct sales marketing. I saw an ad in the newspaper on how to make money selling How To books. Only being 15, I didn’t have much money, but I did have a part time job, and so I sent away for the book. What I got was a book that basically said, go to the library, research information on how to do something that other people might want to know about, like car mechanics, and use that research to write the book. Then you would have to advertise in the classified section of papers wherever you could afford to.  Well, I didn’t follow the advice at the time, because I was just too young to understand what it really meant. And I really didn’t have the money to advertise. However, the point was made to find something you would be interested in and write about it. Today, you can do that so much easier, using blogs. You don’t have to pay anything to print a book, with hundreds of copies. Just post your blog. At least that is a way you can get started.  All of us have something in our lives that we are very interested in; something that we are probably very good at, and enjoy working at. Like cooking, or playing a musical instrument, or maybe a car enthusiast, or maybe you do knitting!

Doesn’t matter what it is because more than likely, other people are interested too. And maybe you have information, tips or tricks to help people do something better, or enjoy that activity even more. These days, that is the point of a blog. Write about something that excites you, that gets your blood moving, and keeps you interested in doing it.

If you have that passion, you can share it and help other people. And, then you can advertise a few products from time to time on a blog that relate to your hobby. In today’s world, that is called finding your niche…and we all have one, or two, or maybe three.

Now it does take time to build an audience; but the best time to start is now. I would suggest if you don’t already know what you might like to blog about, take a few days to figure it out. What do you really like to do? What are your interests? What are some fun things in your life that truly interest you.

Once you find that out, and start writing a few things down about it, you can then start to find some products you can advertise with your blog.

There is no sense trying to sell something you are not really passionate about. If you don’t care, why would potential customers care, and buy? They won’t. They will just move on to something else.

Now, for those of you who will say I can’t write good enough, or whatever, I would say this: Practice with short paragraphs about something. And it really doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be sincere, and truthful, and hopefully, interesting. Start off with a problem that some people might have with whatever you write about, and then provide a solution. Draw upon your experience, or better yet, google your idea and see if anyone has posted questions somewhere on the internet, and then you can answer them. Become a problem solver on your blog; people are always looking for answers to problems they have.

And maybe some of the problems people have can be solved by products that you can advertise for sale! Be real, be honest, be truthful, but most of all, be yourself!

Remember, you are already an expert salesperson; you do it every day. Become a problem solver, and you now have the basis for an interesting blogging site. And if you really hate blogging, a video blog site might work better. More about that on another post.

Part 4 coming soon.

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Make Money With SFI Part 3

Make Money With SFI Part 3



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