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Gerald C Jones started life during the depression and start of WWll, remembers hearing of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, December 7, 1941, over the family Atwater-Kent radio that sat on a table in the living room in Logan, Utah. Lived just three house from the Union Pacific Depot. Remembers the black-outs, the soldiers marching to get on the train to go off to war. He remembers the rationing of food, the food stamps, and scaracity of food products, wanted more milk than was available.  Then the move to a farm in Idaho, where father started working on grandfathers farm. Farm workers were needed to provide food for the nation and the war effort.  There were savings bonds promoted  in the schools and all over to bring in money to the nation. Father purchased about 300 chicks which Gerald fed and took care of then there was the feeding and watering of the poultry, eggs to gather, coop to clean, cows to milk.  It was a pretty busy time for a young boy.  Gerald was always kept busy, and when school was out for the year 17 to 18 hours was the norm, plowing, planting, gathereing and burning brush to clear land.  Then there were tons of rocks to get out of the fields.  They were hard times, but Gerald learned the value of working hard to provide.  Valuable lessons were learned.  Now, after time in the Air Force, working at many different occupations, the loss of two homes to fire, medical bills and massive credit card debt, looking for a way to recover losses and live the good life.  I was introduced to One24 by Alan Brousseau, and MLSP by Paul Hutchings, these men led me on toEmpowerNetwork and David Wood.  Life is a Journey and I look forward to constant learning and helping others to their dreams, through my experiences, and MLSP. Have had some experience in Network Marketing, and there is always more to learn and share. I found that Empower Network is good for those who are already successful in Network Marketing, have a list and have a stable internet connection, which is where I fail. If you are not already successful at internet marketing go in at the $25.00 level and it may be able to work for you. Do not go in debt further until it is paying good for you!   I went in all the way and that was a big mistake for me. Just put me further in debt with little chance of getting out of debt.  I am so discouraged that I don’t know how to survive. If only I had free electricity, and out of credit card debt, maybe I could get some sleep at night.

I recently had Stone Evans create a Website Wealthbilder.com, Home Business Ideas and Opportunities. He creates this without charge,  You can’t beat FREE!   I re-found SFI and  have become very active in learning this Business.  Along with joining SFI I also connected with GVO in the process of having Wealthbilder.com created.  I am now working in the direction of getting out of debt,  it will take time, persistence, and a lot of work.  Aim High – Dream Big 

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