What We Love About SFI

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What We Love About SFI

“I have participated in a few different on-line marketing companies and have attempted to produce a usable income. What I found was most of the companies I joined their marketing plans were very hard to understand and their qualification for the different pay levels were almost impossible to obtain. What I have found is that for an Internet Marketing Company to be any good, they must have these six qualifications: 1. They must be a “proven” company that has consistently grown during the past seven or more years. 2. Must be a “trusted” site and have good ratings with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) 3. Good consumable products that are priced at a level where anyone could purchase and sell them. 4. A well designed compensation system that is easy to understand and that is fair to everyone involved no matter what level or rank they obtain. 5. The company must have a residual income system that pays month after month so an affiliate can depend on it as a reliable source of income. 6. The company must have a good communication system for building your team and for support purposes when needed. What I love about SFI (Strong Future International) is that they more than meet all of the above criteria for an Internet Marketing Company. I can honestly say that there is no better company on the Internet that can outperform or even come close to the potential growth and stability of SFI. 17 plus years on the Internet is a marvel in its self. SFI is First With Entrepreneurs. Who doesn’t like to save money?  I like Pricebenders Penny Auctions!   Then there is TripleClicks Silver76Pack for One ounce Silver Bar!For all Music Lovers and Artists we have  a  Music Contest

TripleClicks “Song-of-the-Month

I must sum things up by saying unequivocally (without the slightest doubt) state that SFI is the BEST!. ” TESTIMONIALS & COMMENTS “Easy. I love SFI. I love the concept. The concept of a business that works. I love SFI’s tripleclicks. Where I can buy almost anything ans sell same and make money either buying or selling it. I love SFI. The opportunity to meet new people from all around the world. To chat across different time zones. I love SFI. Where I can play games and win prices and make money from playing games. Where else will I be rewarded for having fun? I love SFI. The fact that said games come in different forms is thrilling. I love SFI. I love the auctions. Imagine buying stuff worth $106.5 for just $1.06. Where else can I get products so cheap? I love SFI. A place that is loaded with all sorts of information for growth. You learn, grow and earn. You also teach others to do the same. Basically I LOVE SFI.” ——————————— “Not everyone loves SFI. Only the ones, who are active, login daily, do their daily, weekly and monthly actions are the people who really love SFI.Some of the people who loved SFI and worked for it passionately are Millionaire today because of SFI. As far as I am concerned, if anyone asked me what I love about SFI , I would say: 1. that I love SFI so much that I cannot live without SFI. I can miss my breakfast, lunch or dinner, but I will log in to SFI somehow. 2. I dream about SFI everyday. Get ideas to prpmote SFI. Next day after getting up, I apply those ideas practically to reach my goal. 3. I love SFI as I can operate it from anywhere, home, Internet café or mobile or laptop. I can operate my SFI business even while flying from ONE PLACE to ANOTHER. 4. I am very passionate about SFI. I started in 2009 and quit in 2010 due to financial set backs. I love SFI so much that I rejoined it again in 2011. 5. SFI is a TRUE legitimate business, I have seen in my last 10 years. I joined many businesses on the Internet. But no one is better than SFI as they are already here for the last 17 years and are going to stay for ever. 6. I loved SFI so much that I use to do it part-time when I was in service. After retirement I am doing it full-time. I love doing my SFI business from home in my shorts. Cheers !! ”


What do I love about SFI? Let me count the ways:

1) I love that it’s fun!! Diversity of games and new relationships with people around the world.

2) Belief that this company is legit and will be around for my lifetime. I can even pass in on to my family or sell it!

3) This company has real people who care. My Upline Sponsors really help me in many ways

4) Free training, forum, a2a friends and ASK SC add to my sources of learning all the diverse ways to earn income.

5) Flexible hours. I can do it in my spare time anywhere in the world without even going outside.

6) I can go at my own pace.

7) Winning contests and getting lots of recognition and badges.

8) Shopping at my own online store for great prices and free shipping for most products.

9) Helping my own team to succeed.

I could go on and on, but I hope you get the idea.

See you at the top!


The Worlds Finest Online Business 


” What attracted me to SFI in the beginning was the idea that I could work from home and be my own boss while earning unlimited income. This is what I love about SFI. I am my own boss. I set my own work hours. Though I work a lot of hours at times, I do so knowing that I am securing a stronger future for myself and my family.

Having financial independence is only a small part of the equation. The bigger part of the equation is to be able to spend my time doing what I love and that’s helping people. I help people create income in the spare time and I get to work for my favorite non-profit charity. One day I hope to establish my own foundation with the earnings that I get from Strong Future International. Then I will be able to help the economically disenfranchised as well as other aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their American dream.”


“What I “love about SFI” is having the FORESIGHT to create a program that not just makes me feel but actually believe that I’m in control. No weekly conference calls that can make a person feel as if he/she is working ‘FOR’ someone, rather than ‘WITH’ someone, but a program that enables everyone to learn and grow ‘truly’ at their own pace, without requirements attached – such as upfront costs, upgrades, “MANDATORY” monthly purchases, etc. etc. etc.. Their program has been FREE from its’ inception to NOW!

I love the multiple “INCOME STREAMS” that are available to all affiliates, like their TripleClicks segment designed to give us our very own eCommerce store filled with thousands of products for both B2B and B2C markets, and marketing and training tools that are obviously some of, if not the BEST, in the industry.

There’s much more, of course, but these are the things I love the most! ”


Question:   Can I be successful in SFI without investing any money? And if so, how?

Good question.

I would like to answer by pulling out three sub questions from the question presented.

1. Can I be successful in SFI …? The answer is YES. SFI is a 17 years old company with proven track record and testimonials of many successful individuals from around the world.

2. Can I be successful in SFI without investing …? The answer is NO. Investment is an act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking, in this case SFI, with the expectation of a worthwhile result (achieving the dream).

3. Can I be successful in SFI without investing ANY money? The content of the question is about succeeding WITHOUT putting down (investing) ANY money. The answer is NO even though some people have said it’s possible but it would take longer with commitment, dedication and persistence. Of course It’s free (i.e., NO start up capital) to join SFI (i.e., become an affiliate). But to run, maintain and work it you need some money in addition to putting in your time, effort and energy.

You can definitely succeed without investing SO MUCH money, or investing LITTLE money, that to me is more realistic and a sincere way of letting people know how they can possibly succeed in SFI.



1. I’m my own Boss – no one looking over my shoulder and no determined work hours (open 24/7 for me to choose a suitable work time)
2. It’s FREE to join
3. Free TRAINING (and I don’t have to travel away from my Family to undergo a course lesson)
4. It’s straightforward
5. It broadened my Horizon – found Amazing friends from around the world.
6. I decide how much I want to Invest
7. An array of Rewards received for Working and PLAYING EagerZebra Games (no other company rewards you to play games at work)
8. An Amazing online TripleClicks Store that rewards me when I purchase products.
9. A Support System of FRIENDLY Co-Workers
10. 17 years in Business with Mr. Gery, the founder, a Very Active Supportive Help.

I do hope you Enjoy and Love SFI as much as ALL of US!
Good luck to your Growing Business.
Here’s to your Success

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 Attract artists for our monthly TripleClicks “Song-of-the-Month” contest
“I believe it is possible – not easy but possible. I’ve been with SFI since January 2014. I qualified as EA every month without investing money. I simply do not have money to invest.

Some people will tell you if you are serious you will invest money. They will tell you if you have internet access you have money. They will tell you to cut down elsewhere and invest that money in your business – but what if the only “luxury” you have is your internet access? You cut that down, how will you build your SFI business with no internet access?

The 1st thing you have to do is learn to not pay attention to these people. If you are patient and you think out of the box you can do it.

Get a team together – it does not have to be thousands of affiliates. If you have 5 active affiliates and you teach them right and they do the same with 5 affiliates and so it goes on you will soon have a strong team and you will see the money come in – at first very slow but it builds up.

When you have enough money in your account use it to purchase T-credits, books that can help you build your business, anything you can use to build your business.

You can recruit people for the Pay per action program and earn a few quick bucks – but remember they will not bring long term earnings.

Advertise Triple Clicks and specific products to make commission on sales – commission you use again to build your business.

Finally – be patient and keep your goal in mind when you are not doing so well and you feel you want to quit.

Good luck and I hope you are going to help me to prove to those negative people that it can be done.”   SFI is for everyone who is willing to work to build a business for a residual income.


Another SFI Affiliate responds:

“1. I love the entire SFI as a whole.
2. SFI is a genuine company. Transparency is the biggest asset.
3. Especially ready- to- start marketing tools with marketing methods.
4. Gateways – ready to post personal links; Pillars of this business.
5. Resourceful free training, Launch Pad, internet income lessons, power tools.

6. An equal opportunity company.
7. SFI global family – togetherness. We are not left alone. That true bond. We get support and comfort when we need.
8. A lot of encouragement, appreciation, recognition, rewards, awards, badges and a lot of money.
9. SFI forum where knowledge is shared with so much care and bond.
10. To-do-list where we get Versa Points.

11. Score board to monitor our daily improvements.
12. VP ledger to monitor self and down lines work.
13. Genealogy, LeaderPage are useful.
14. KOT, Gold Streak – knowledge based games
15. Auctions. We may win products with nearly 90% off retail price. We get MRPs. We get action VPs. We get PSAs through Bid & Build spins.

16. SFI News blog helps us to get updated.
17. Tip of the day is a gentle reminder.
18. Team mail to communicate with our team members at a time.
19. Support system. 24×7 support, up line team leaders support, world class forum support, ASK SC support, search option. FAQs, a2a, chat etc.
20. E-cards. Gift cards. Gift certificates. T-currency.

21. TCredits – ready virtual money.
22. Gifted with the largest free online shopping portal – TripleClicks, the soul.
23. Commissions, free TCredits, CSAs, PSAs thru co-op.
24. Multiple income streams. Unlimited income. Residual and leverage income.
25. Both short term and long term benefits.

26. Nominee facility.
27. No or low investment. Zero risk. No experience required.
28. Prompt and on time payment process.
29. Only gains, nothing in vain.
30. Opportunities to open our own online store.

31. No pressure, no stress, free time our own responsibility home business.
32. Efforts = benefits.
33. continual developments, updated, unique products.
34. Easy and fast navigation of the site.
35. Class, country and overall ranks.

36. Successful proven track record and SFI by numbers, 3,00,000 face book likes. 2,50,000 twitter likes.
37. A very humble and easily accessible President.

Sorry I could not make it short. My love on SFI is so BIG. ”


Can you tell we Love SFI!    Join the Greatest Team


An Affiliate answers:

“Your question can get you very negative answers as well as very positive answers. I am in two minds about that myself.

The youth grew up with technology, so they can use it very well and if they put their minds to it they will give the rest of us a run for our money – they will hit record incomes.

The part I am worried about is that they want instant gratification and when they don’t get it they move on to the next challenge – so if you plan to target them – make sure you can challenge them and you have to make sure they use the income calculator to see for themselves what they can achieve. Remember – they want to be out there and do things – not stuck indoors on a laptop or desktop – so make sure they know they can also use their smart phones, I-pads tablets on the move.

I look at young people and I am sure they are born smarter with every generation, they are “streetwise” and smart – so do not try to catch them or pull the wool over their eyes – they will wise up to it and very quickly wave goodbye.

Talk to young people you know – find out which sites and activities they favour and what is trending and work with that.

There is also a group of serious young people that loves spending time in the library and behind the books or a computer. They also have ambition to go ahead in the world and make their mark and they are more likely to stick to building their business once they committed to it and they can see how they can make their mark.

Lastly – I always wonder why people want to target a specific age group. I think our target should be people looking to work online, to find a job they can do from home (like a mother that wants to be with her children but also wants to earn money), people that lost their jobs for some reason, people that just does not earn enough in their normal jobs to make ends meet (like me) or people that realised they do not have enough now and they will not have enough to be financially independent when it is time to retire (I fall in that category too since I lost my business 12 years ago and I have about 12 years left before retirement.)”

SFI Meets the needs of people in Many Financial Situations.


“I love that I can work anytime, daily work can be done around other things from 12:01 in the morning to 11:59 at night.
I love that I can work anywhere with a smart phone tablet or computer.
I love that SFI continues to find new ways to make running my business easier and more profitable.
I love that SFI offer ways for me to advertise my business for free.
I love eager zebra games and penny auctions that award me points while having fun.
Aim High, Dream Big”

How could posting in your native language in the My Country or My Region categories in the forum help build your SFI business?


There are various reasons why some affiliates are either not active or not motivated, for example, not understanding certain aspects of this business and language difficulties.

Some affiliates may not understand how to start, build teams, do sales or cannot even pay for purchases at TC because they do not have the required accounts to pay for them and they do not know or understand the services provided by Local pay ECAs. My Country or My Region forum provides an environment where interaction between affiliates from the same geographical/regional or country, cultural and language background is facilitated.

To improve this forum the more, languages common to participants are now allowed to be used in place of English. As you can imagine, solutions to common problems like payment methods, local marketing and advertising methods etc can be discussed, better expressed and understood as a result of using their common language.

So what are the general benefits of these in building your SFI business?

1. You are motivated because of the emotional attachment you may develop when you relate with people from your place or region of origin.

2. You now have the potential to understand how to get your business started and moving

3. You may also develop some confidence that this business is real and profitable by the testimonies from members of these newly found ‘family’.

4. You will not be reluctant to signup people to your team from any geographical region or country since you can link them to this forum for much ‘specialized’ assistance.

5. This will be an invaluable tool for those who wish to localize their SFI business.

As you can see, the addition of this type of forum is a very valuable tool to enhance our capability of building our dream SFI businesses. However, I must sound a note of warning here; there must be a very thought out monitoring system otherwise it will be a safe haven for cross solicitation and taking away other people’s PSA.


Hi, I love the fact that there is really help out there within SFI itself
so whatever problem you may have, the resources are present like
the forum, Launchpad, rules of success just to mention a few.

The daily actions are there to make sure that you treat your business
like a business by doing something for it everyday, I’m just loving it.


 Join this SFI Team Now!


This space is not enough to answer this question. We have lot of points to answer this. But here are some of them as why we love SFI..

1. There is no Boss above you:
You are the boss of this business. You can decide the way you work and you can guide your down line with your own ideas and strategies. No one is there to question you.

2. Invest as you wish:

You can decide on the amount you are investing in this and also when and how to invest…. Wonderful right..?

3. No Specific Work timings
There is no office timings. You can work as you like at any time and from anywhere in the world.

4. You have the independence.
You have the independence to select your team. You can work from anywhere and any time…

5. Appreciation and Rewards.

We are getting appreciation and rewards for the achievement and good work done, which you will not get from any other business..

6. Can opt out if we want to quit.

We can opt out if we want to discontinue this and also without any hassles.


And a lot more to write about our love about SFI……

Thanks a lot


“If you were asked what you Love SFI,what would you say?”
“I 100% Say “I LOVE SFI” because-
1.SFI gives me my own free site to do my business.
2. SFI is very user friendly.
3.There is a lot of encouragement, appreciation, recognition, rewards, awards, badges and a lot of money.
4.SFI is a global family.
5. SFI is a true bond.
6. We get support and comfort when we need in SFI.
7.I love SFI because I can work at any time of the day or night that I like.
8 . I also love contacts with affiliates, games on TripleClicks.
9.Every day, there is news of yet another bonus or improvement that makes the journey to higher levels much more enjoyable.
10.SFI is a real Company, with real people and one can generate very good income.
So, I very much Love to SFI. ”

“I love the fact that I have so many different opportunities to make money under one banner: I can sell my own products, I can sell others’ products, I can invite people to sell their own products… and I can even make money helping other people make money! That’s my favorite thing about SFI–the number of opportunities.”
“Yes, you can be successful with SFI without investing money, but it will take much longer to succeed.
You can use your TripleClicks gateway http://www.tripleclicks.com/15132834 to get people sign up at TripleClicks will you advertise products of TripleClicks to them and you earn commission on the sales.
Marketing Aids For Direct Sale Gateways
Create a banner promoting multiple TripleClicks products you choose.
Create a dynamic banner for TC Deal-of-the-Day (automatically updates daily).
Create a flyer for an individual TC product:
Log into TC. Go to any product details page, select the “SFI Affiliates” tab, and click the link for the QR Code Flyer. Your SFI ID number will be embedded within the flyer’s QR codes Then, print and hand out.
For more, see TC marketing aids and TC marketing methods to help you generate TripleClicks sales.Also direct people to the free games, like Card King https://www.tripleclicks.com/games/CardKing.php and Knockout Trivia https://www.tripleclicks.com/games/KOTrivia.php?game=15655
This way they will get curious about TripleClicks.

Another great place is the Pricebenders Auctions and promote TCredits products to people to purchase to bid on these auctions, you get the commission.

You can also sell off your own stuff like a garage sale on TripleClicks and earn from that also.

Sign up ECA is another way of creating an income.

Now with these commissions you earn you can invest in a standing order to become EA and receive 2 CSA’s.

Remember that the best way always is to duplicate what you do and sign PSA’s up and teach them what you have learn and what you do.

You always have to invest something, time to learn and to make the way better you have to invest money because if you don’t, it is like trying to drive a vehicle without gas, you are not going to get far.

Blessings and hope this help you.”

TripleClicks “Song-of-the-Month” Artist Gateway: 
“FREE” Gateway (aka our “REAL” and “REAL2″ Gateways):
This Gateway features listings of our latest enrollments and earners and brief info on TripleClicks, as well as a built-in registration form so everything is all in one nice, compact page.

WAVE3 Gateway: 
Attract new TC Members with the WAVE3 program (and earn commissions on their purchases) by referring your prospects to W3 Gateway above.

JMT “Join My Team” Gateway: 
A powerful, personalized invitation to join you in SFI, the JMT Gateway features your photo, your name, and your country, along with all your SFI badges! If you’ve been with SFI for at least 90 days, this Gateway also displays how long you’ve been an SFI affiliate.

Invitation Gateway: 
Personalized with your name and an invitation to viewers to join SFI, this clean, friendly designed Gateway is also integrated into SFI Share-Its–little “mini-ads” for promoting SFI and TripleClicks on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

First With Entrepreneurs Gateway: 
Featuring a rotation of photographs of SFI’s latest income earners, this Gateway focuses on the lucrative income opportunity available with an SFI business.

Eager Zebra Games Time Machine Gateway: 
Attract new PRMs to the Time Machine game at TripleClicks, where they can predict the answer to a coming event and win the Time Machine Zackpot.

Eager Zebra Games Knockout Trivia Gateway: 
Attract new PRMs to the Knockout Trivia game at TripleClicks, where they try to outlast fellow players in answering trivia questions to win a share of the KO Trivia Zackpot.

Eager Zebra Games Pick The Price Gateway: 
Attract new PRMs to the Pick The Price game at TripleClicks, where they can predict the final price of a Pricebenders auction and win a share of the PTP Daily Zackpot.

Pricebenders Gateway: 
Refer people to the latest Pricebenders “Wow” auctions to spread the word about Pricebenders auctions and the jaw-dropping deals that are taking place daily.

TripleClicks Gateway: 
This Gateway will drop off your prospective members at the main homepage.

TripleClicks Silver76Pack Gateway: 
A Gateway linking directly to the Silver76Pack (1 oz. Silver Bar + 75 TCredits) product page.



“Since most of my friends are also engaged in other online business, this is a question which I usually encounter when I introduced SFI to them. They immediately tell me I am just wasting money and time as surely I joined another scam.Well, I then started to explain without arguing that without any doubt, I firmly believed that SFI is real online business. To mention a few below:-

1. Joining SFI is absolutely free.
2. SFI is the online business that provides their members training materials for free.
3. The support of the SFI family is just so encouraging.
4. SFI offers almost 96,000 products and you can introduce the entire products provided without
carrying physical items to your prospects by just simply telling them and giving them your
5. You do not need to attend weekly or monthly seminars to learn, as long as you have access to
6. It is only in SFI that you can meet new friends around the globe and exchange ideas, sharing
their experiences and can be a mentor even he or she is not your upline.
7. SFI offers valuable sources of income wherein you can possible earn money without investing
from your own pocket (please refer to SFI Basics). https://www.sfimg.com/SFIBasics
8. In SFI, you can learn a lot everyday and there are a lot of challenges.
9. SFI do not force you to do this, to do that. It is entirely up to you to take your time.
10. Surely, there is a lot more to mention but, the most important what I loved about SFI is their
amazing concept, to make ourselves as our own Boss, which was already proven and testified
by a lot of successful affiliates from around the world.

This is why I can say without a doubt, I love SFI :) . ”


Recent Posts

It is New Year 2017 January 1, 2017

New Years Day 2017, my thoughts.

I for one desire peace on Earth and good will for all Humanity. I am tired of wars and rumors of wars. If we, each and every one of us Humans, would accept responsibility for all of our problems and the part each and everyone of us play in this game of life, we can have peace on earth. I for one have been realizing how much I have been taught prejudice throughout my life. Religious beliefs and teachings of Church Leaders, Education Systems, and parents have not brought peace into my life, but discontent. National leaders have certainly brought about discontent among the people. A big problem is the attitude of thinking ones self, ones city, ones religion, ones nation or people better than another. If we the people of Earth would look at what we are doing with the attitude that we in anyway are better than another we could bring about peace on earth. If we as a people would look at all others as equals with just as much right to their ideas as another, but seek to find as many things that we in common could agree upon, instead of looking for things which divide us, we could have peace on Earth. Let the people of Earth find Common Sense, please. Common Sense, is what we can all agree on as Real Truth. When we the people of Earth decide to work for the Commons Sense Good of all Humanity we can truly become a happy people. I like this statement: “If it is not good for all Humanity it is not good at all.” Warmongers have set up and established money to divide people. Division and wars produce more money for Warmongering Banksters. It is all for power and control over the people. Religious leaders and churches divide the people by thinking and teaching that they are better than another, thus building up their organization for power over the people. Science as we have it today is controlled much by the Banksters who control the Education System, and what is taught to the children to dumb them down. This is all to have power over the people. With a free uncontrolled natural economy, without the power of money, but people working in harmony for the good of all, we could have advancements that is hard for most people who have been dumbed down by pseudo educations systems of the world to believe. If it were not for the Banksters who have controlled the education and outmoded scientific understanding, we could have had free non polluting energy over a hundred years ago. We could have had non polluting transportation systems without roads to maintain, using the energy that is free for the use of all of us throughout the whole of the Universe. Think clean fresh water and food for people all over the world without cost for pumping water. Think, without cost for energy by the energy cartels how the cost for homes, and everything else would decrease. We need to wake up and live and be happy. We need to come to the realization that we through the use of Common Sense principles do not need to support leaders and politicians to tell us what to do, and how to live our lives. May the wisest among us be our teachers, they will teach without charge for the betterment of society, keep the Banksters out of their way that we may have joy. I long for a world where there are no poor among us, as a people of the Americas had for 200 years of peace a couple thousand years ago, where the people had all things in common, that is until money and greed entered among the people. Let us see what we can do to bring about equality for ALL people of this Earth.

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