SFI is a marvelous mix of old school and new age

“SFI is a marvelous mix of old school and new age. I was told right off the bat that this is a business and not a get rich quick scheme. It will take some work, commitment and time.

Oh wow!! What a concept. I have not been asked to invest anything other than my time — for training that is to the point and ongoing. It’s presented as a logical process that teaches practical business development.

SFI teamed up with Tripleclicks (TC). TC is a cyber-store of real products, including all our business supplies. It’s also a place for the small shop keeper or Mom and Pop store to sell their wares in an International marketplace; large retailers need not apply. There are 11 different ways to generate income and all are explained and taught thoroughly.
For me, the big difference: These are companies that have each been in business for more than a decade with SFI in its 17th year of consistent and continual growth backed by a corporation with nearly 3 decades of success. A rarity in this new virtual business model.
SFI Affiliates are Internet Marketing Professionals and TripleClicks is the company being promoted. With SFI an affiliate is what was traditionally refered to as a Marketing or Media Specialist, or an Advertising Account Manager/Executive. From my experience the only differences between an Affiliate and an Executive is the drive to work, which I don’t have, and who I work for, which is me.
My experience: it has taken me longer than intended to get my first ads up and have an base of active affiliates. In spite, my sponsorship family sees the effort and I am rewarded, continuously encouraged and inquired on when I miss a couple days. Sure, I’m helping them make money as well but that is not how I’m approached. They put real people on my team (affiliates from their own team) and provide real tools; such as a webpage and gift certificates for TC.
My conclusion: If it promises lots of money with hardly any effort in 90 days or less, it is a scam. Any business is a gradual process and this is where SFI really leads the pack in honesty and integrity. From the get go Gery Carson, President and Co-Founder tells us “… big incomes simply do not happen overnight. It’s just not reality. Instead, plan to work the hardest your first 6-12 months or so and get compensated the least.

Don’t expect large earnings until after you have educated yourself and given yourself time to put your plan fully into operation.”

Personal & Financial SUCCESS in 90 Days or Less takes commitment, persistence, and a good work ethic, but it can be done! 

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