What are the best ways to recruit good, new affiliates?

   What are the best ways to recruit good, new affiliates?

Ernst De Waal  (South Africa)
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“We all want good affiliates, active affiliates, affiliates that understand SFI and see the possibilities and work hard to be successful. Just like you.

Whatever method you use to recruit affiliates, you can not be sure if those who join you will in fact excel. There are no guarantees. The success of your team will partly depend on your skills as an awesome sponsor. And then luck will play its part. Are you lucky enough to get the next top rank in the Power Ranks in your team?

Ways to recruit:

SFI has a vast amount of tools to help you market the SFI opportunity:

Your own gateway
Text ads
SFI X-Cards
…and many more

SFI also has the S-Builder Co-Op. If you are still new in the SFI Business or do not have the time and means to market, this is an excellent tool for you to utilize. In TripleClicks, there are similar co-ops that you can buy into–other people recruit your affiliates for you, people who have the necessary know-how of big time marketing and recruiting.

A Website and blog will do wonders for your recruitment if set up effectively. SFI’s Training Course, Internet Income, discuss Websites at length. On the Internet, there are countless Web design methods with all sorts of packages.

If you want to go the free way, look at Classified Ad sites. There are plenty! Look for ones that have lots of traffic and where you have an account where you can see how your listings are performing regarding hits or views. Paid Classifieds expose your ads to even more visitors. Pay Per Click advertising also offers some action.

Offline marketing will get you some interested people. Start with family, friends, and colleagues–people you trust and know. Warm marketing can work wonders. Personal, one-to-one communication about the SFI opportunity with people close to you will go a long way in ensuring possible action in your downline.

The social networks like FB and Twitter where you might have a large circle of friends who know you, can also be utilized to recruit Affiliates.

Which marketing methods to utilize?

It’s best to put effort into every method out there. Get marketing going in different ways so you can investigate which method or methods are the more effective recruitment tool.

Which is the best?

You will only know where you succeed the most after you’ve utilized every method out there. You will know where your Affiliates are coming from. As you become aware of which method you benefit most from, start utilizing that path more. Increase your efforts towards that method.

Never forget the importance of SFI’s Forum and ASK SC. In these platforms, you will have access to every question you have about how best to recruit affiliates. Use the Forum to ask the advice of old hands in the fields of marketing, Websites and blogs.

Best of luck! ”