How can I become a good supporting sponsor when my communication skills are not good?

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    How can I become a good supporting sponsor when my communication skills are not good?
Category: Team building
Asked by Laura Griffin
Affiliate Responds:
“Communication skill is not a very large factor to become a good sponsor. SFI provides so many tools by which you can make and improve your skills for communication
Welcome Letter to your PSAs & CSAsThere are so many sample welcome letter in SFI tools – choose one – make some addition, alternation, if necessary – put your name, designation (Sponsor/Co-Sponsor/Team Leader). Now save the final draft in a Word file carefully. So you needn’t make it again and again. While new member/s sign up – you can easily send your saved welcome letter to them through your genealogy or affiliates profile snapshot just to change the name of memberOther CommunicationGo to Ask Sc and search the question you require. There are so many topics on so many subjects. So you can easily find whichever you need. Copy and paste it in a Word file. In the above same way make some addition, alternation, if necessary and then save it finally first and send to your affiliates through Genealogy mail, Email, Team Mail etc

For Short Details of SFI & TripleClicks

Attend SFI Forum with a Note Book and Pen regularly. Click the necessary posts, read the opinions of different peoples. Note down which you think important

Easy Communication

To send an E-card, to write something short for your team members and send through your Stream Post, Chatting, write a short Team Mail – these are very easy. It doesn’t require any good or best skills. Anybody can utilize these tools for their Team Member/s

If you follow the above steps you can become a good Sponsor without skills for communication

Hope the above will satisfy you to improve your communication skills by which you may become an awesome Sponsor for your Team in near future ”


Another Affiliate answers:

“Obviously you need to improve the aspect of your communications skills which you think you are not good at.

If its because you cannot communicate very well verbally with others, you will need to identify why this is so and work hard at eliminating your deficiencies. In SFI, there is little requirement to verbally communicate with team members. All your work can be done via the internet and you do not have to ring them up and speak with them.

Written communication is a lot easier for most people because they can see and can check what they have written before it is sent out to the recipients. You can check you grammar, spelling, punctuation, format and the tone of your message.

If English is not your native tongue, you can use the online translators. Prepare your message in your native tongue and then translate it to English before sending it out. I would suggest that after translating it in English, translate it back to your language and see if it is the message that you want to convey. Translators are not perfect but they are a big help. Use the ‘language’ Forum.

Use all the communication tools that have been provided by SFI – team mails, streams, E-cards, messengers etc..

A tip:

Often its not what you actually type that affiliates respond to. I believe that what matters to the affiliates is the fact that you are communicating with them regularly, encouraging them, responding to their questions and answering them as best as you can. You don’t have to explain everything to them. Most of the answers to the questions are already contained in the SFI lessons and texts. Get to know where to find these and give the relevant links to your affiliates as required. They can read for themselves. Its also the best way for them to learn and for them to find answers for themselves.

Another tip:

Go to your genealogy report. Identify those with birthdays and anniversaries and send them congratulatory messages as necessary. I find most affiliates like these.

More tips:

Whenever one of your team members or yourself achieve a milestone such as rank, win a major prize etc.. sing their praises. Send out streams, mention these on your leadership page, mention them in you newsletters. Heap accolades on them and hopefully that will motivate others to do try harder.

Whenever you come across matters that your team should know about, let them know immediately. Eg, when Spin & Win is on, its always within a limited time frame. Don’t presume that your affiliates have seen it and will act on it. Send out messages to let them know about it and for them to act on them promptly. Its free VP and most affiliates appreciate the reminders.

As you can see, the secret is not the fact that you can speak and write fancifully. The secret is how you communicate with them. ”