SFI Rule For Success #3

Lead By Example

Lead By ExampleIf you want your affiliates sponsoring affiliates,referring TC members, etc., then make sure YOU are are doing these things. Do these things and become proficient in these things so you can show and teach your affiliates the best ways to do them.


In the key area of duplication, your affiliates are definitely watching! Show them what it means to be a strong, active sponsor and THEY will become strong, active sponsors and help you further your growth and profits.


Leading by example works in the negative, too, of course. Want a downline of affiliates who do nothing? Then do nothing and that’s what you’ll likely get!


So…the rule is real simple: Whatever you want THEM to do, YOU do, because they are following your lead!


Leadership TagsTip: Having a Standing Order(SO) at TripleClicks is a great way to lead by example. Your Standing Order badge will reflect this status. Your PSAs and CSAs will see this badge on your Leadership Page and your Affiliate Snapshot. Make sure you are sending everyone in your group the right message!

“A leader can shape his followers best by showing them the way forward rather than telling them about it.”



“A leader is someone who is ahead of the pack. Even if it is only by one inch. They are doing, or have done, what they want or expect others to do. They are not watchers nor do they wait around. They take action…proper action….a lot of proper action! And they never give up!”

-Jack M. Zufelt


“You don’t lead by lip service, you lead by example.”

-Jim Leyland

SFI Rules of  Success

How can I be a successful student AND teacher in SFI at the same time?

How can I be a successful student AND teacher in SFI at the same time?


Join my Strong Future International Team
Join my Strong Future International Team

Once you sign on as an SFI Affiliate, you have taken on the role of a student.
Once you start recruiting SFI Affiliates, you have taken on the role of a teacher as well.

At the beginning while you are learning about SFI you are in fact preparing yourself to be a teacher as well. In time you will recruit and grow your own team. Your role will be that of a sponsor for your team members, in other words – their teacher among other things. What you teach them can greatly affect their successes.

Two of the most common word/statements in SFI are ‘leaders are readers’ and ‘duplication’
- As a student you read so that you can teach.
- As a teacher, you teach duplication.

To be a great and successful teacher you have to be a successful student as well.
- You have to learn and get to know SFI very well – inside out
- Keep up to date with all the developments within SFI
- Get to know all the tools and aids available within SFI, even if you do not use them yourself
- Keep up with marketing trends & methods
- Keep up with online shopping trends


Rania Posted at SFI Forum :  https://www.sfimg.com/forum/post?thread_id=42205&reply_to=471597

Dear SFI Family

I want to help all the new affiliates when they get started because they feel lost at the beginning.

I really want to share in SFI growth

If you want to build a team at SFI so as to earn more money, you should advertise your gateways..
In this way, you will have many PSAs in your team
Go to your home page and choose My Gateways

Copy any of these links and paste it in your home page at Facebook or any social media

Write few sentences to tell people why they should join SFI such as:
What’s YOUR dream? In the last 30 days, 1438 people from 100 countries started earning an online income with SFI. Let us help you get started on your dream today!
Why SFI?
Now in our 17th successful year
Millions of dollars paid out to our affiliates
90,000+ commissionable products & services
In over 190 countries worldwide
World-class 24/7 support & training
Can do everything from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

Choose any of these gateways if you want to have PRMs.. These people who join from these gateways are very imprtant because whenever they buy anything from TripleClicks products, you will get comissions and also their VersaPoints.. They are only members at TripleClicks.

Paste these links into social media with some words about TripleClick such as:
There are about 93,516 products at TripleClicks from 200 countries worldwide and are adding hundreds of new products weekly. TripleClicks also now has downloadable music, auctions, games, a member rewards points system, and there’s much more still in development!
Together we grow

You have a dual role of student and teacher once you become a sponsor and you have to keep working at these.


Rania, and other friends here at SFI: This is a very nice post, however I have found that Facebook will not allow sfi4 URLs.

Some of the ways around this is to use your own domain linking to your Gateway URLs, or use another site such as Bitly  https://bitly.com/  or QR Code Generator  http://www.qr-code-generator.com/#


How can I be a successful student AND teacher in SFI at the same time?

How can I be a successful student AND teacher in SFI at the same time?


If you need help in this area, contact me and I will see if I can help.



What are some daily marketing habits I can implement to grow my TripleClicks (ECA) business?

Being an ECA

What is an ECA?

An eCommerce Affiliate

If you don’t have a blog already I recommend getting one. If you can get your own domain and install wordpress I recommend doing that. However, if you cannot afford that you can settle for one of the free ones online. Add posts to it regularly and keep it updated with valuable information. One of the keys is to add value to what you bring.

You can categorize each marketing genre on your blog so you can do add posts for PSA’s in one category, ECA’s in another category and so forth. Keep it organized and easy to navigate.

If you prefer having a website you can do that instead. The same guidelines apply. Keep it updated and relevant. Use photos of products and things like that. Not too many and not too little. You want to catch the eye of your audience and capture their interest.

Use the ECA banners provided by SFI on your site. Explain how it will benefit the reader.

You can also use gift cards. These are one of the easiest ways to bring people to Tripleclicks. Who can refuse a free gift card? When they register they will see all the things they can buy and they will receive invitations from SFI to upgrade to affiliate.

Because we are here to earn money, we need to sell products. To do that we need customers.

You can place the link to your ECA portal on your website. Use the banners SFI provides also. Remember to key code them so you know where your customers are coming from. Even if you bring a PRM (Personally Referred Member) and they don’t buy from you, as long as they buy on Tripleclicks you still earn money. You can also separate this, invite PRM’s on one area of your site and then on another area focus on your ECA store.

The beauty of SFI is that we are not charged money every month for being an ECA like some sites do when you have an online store with them. You have the power of the internet at your finger tips and you can utilize all the tools that SFI provides.

To your success!

Developing Good Business Habits

Grow A Second Income

Internets Number One Affiliate Program

In order for your new home business with SFI and TripleClicks continue to grow and expand in team size and commissions you are going to need to develop some good business producing habits.

One of the first habits you need to develop is logging in every day at a specific time. The reason I state a specific time is because we humans are creatures of habit and once we form a habit it is hard for us to break it. Being set at a specific time will also help your family members (if any) know that it is time to leave you alone because of your work.

Once you have the habit of logging in daily you will easily form the habit of working your “To-Dos” without fail. This would also include visiting the forum, reading ASK SC questions and answers and working with your teammates.

To establish a business that is continually growing you can easily set a standing order for a unit of S-Builder along with some PSAs to go. If you are good at advertising for new sign-ups then you would want to be advertising daily for your new affiliates.

You need to develop the habit of dropping whatever you are doing in order to help your teammates as soon as possible and as much as possible. Your teammates are very important to the growth of your business. If you are ignoring your down-lines your business will not go very far. Remember that your teammate’s success is your success.

There are 6 income streams with SFI and TripleClicks you can maintain constant growth in any and all of them by making solid unbreakable habits out of the activities needed to succeed in each one of the.

Now; do you know how to make something a habit? It is much easier that most people think. All you need to do is force yourself to do the same thing at the same time for 14 to 21 days. Once you have done that it becomes a habit for you and when you do not feel like doing the needed work your business building habits that you took the time to make will kick in and you will get it done anyway.

Bad habits are just as easy to develop; so as you are building your business habits make sure you are developing “good” habits – it is easy to get lost messing around surfing the net when you need to be placing ads or writing a teammate a letter.

Building and maintaining good habits will help you to:

• Be consistent
• Be productive
• Stay motivated
• Consistently keep growing and expanding.

Augustina Togbor Asks “What is the role of the TripleClicks Executive Pool in the compensation I can earn with SFI?”

” Personal & Financial SUCCESS In Ninety Days Or Less “

 Augustina Togbor  Asks Question:

What is the role of the TripleClicks Executive Pool in the compensation I can earn with SFI?

Category: Compensation
Affiliate Gives Answer:

“In order to have a clear understanding of the TripleClicks Executive Pool, one must look into its composition.TripleClicks with its more than 80,000 products/services from over 160 countries worldwide is powered by SFI. Each month SFI allocates 40% of the Commission Volume of every purchase of TC products/services into a pool of tens of thousands of dollars for all affiliates to share in worldwide.The TripleClicks Executive Pool is another source of monthly income stream available to all SFI affiliates.How to qualify for the TC Executive Pool every month?- By becoming EA with 1500 VP and maintaining EA status every month.How does TC Executive Pool affect your SFI compensation?- When you become EA, you’ll start earning a share of the pool for every VP you collect. It follows that the more VP you collect the more earnings from TC Executive Pool.

- To collect more VPs and earn more shares of TC Executive Pool, you can set up a Standing Order (SO) of 1500 VP with TCredits. Use your TCredits in playing EZ games and participating in Pricebenders auctions for more VPs. For additional VPs, don’t miss a single day collecting 10 or more VPs with your To-Do List.

- Review your VP Ledger for list of pointable actions to earn more VPs.

- If you move up to the rank of a Team Leader you’ll be earning more shares of TC Executive Pool:

1. Bronze Team Leader (BTL) will receive matching VP on all EA2s up to 6 levels of downline including CSAs.

2. Silver Team Leader (STL) will receive matching VP on all EA2s up to 8 levels of downline including CSAs.

3. Gold Team Leader (GTL) will receive matching VP on all EA2s up to 10 levels of downline including CSAs.

4. Platinum Team Leader(PTL) will receive matching VP on all EA2s up to 12 levels of downline including CSAs.

5. Diamond Team Leader (DTL) will receive matching VP on all EA2s up to 12 levels of downline including CSAs, plus double matching VP on affiliates on the 12th level.

The TripleClicks Executive Pool will greatly multiply and maximize your potential earnings with SFI. Don’t miss this key opportunity to earn big. Always aim high and dream big. ”


“DAILY Action VP is like that of our daily breakfast.

When we take breakfast we get energy.

On daily clicking and adding daily 20 AVPs qualify for the extra daily drawing and  accumulating AVPs beyond will increase our position from EA to BTL/STL/GTL/PTL

Like the daily breakfast keeps you healthy , daily action VP enhances the earnings.

By adding drops of water we can have the swimming pool, by adding of AVPs(SVP & AVP) we can build the wealth beyond our imagination ”


90 Day Success Plan


How can I become a good supporting sponsor when my communication skills are not good?

” Personal & Financial SUCCESS In Ninety Days Or Less “   

    How can I become a good supporting sponsor when my communication skills are not good?
Category: Team building
Asked by Laura Griffin
Affiliate Responds:
“Communication skill is not a very large factor to become a good sponsor. SFI provides so many tools by which you can make and improve your skills for communication
Welcome Letter to your PSAs & CSAsThere are so many sample welcome letter in SFI tools – choose one – make some addition, alternation, if necessary – put your name, designation (Sponsor/Co-Sponsor/Team Leader). Now save the final draft in a Word file carefully. So you needn’t make it again and again. While new member/s sign up – you can easily send your saved welcome letter to them through your genealogy or affiliates profile snapshot just to change the name of memberOther CommunicationGo to Ask Sc and search the question you require. There are so many topics on so many subjects. So you can easily find whichever you need. Copy and paste it in a Word file. In the above same way make some addition, alternation, if necessary and then save it finally first and send to your affiliates through Genealogy mail, Email, Team Mail etc

For Short Details of SFI & TripleClicks

Attend SFI Forum with a Note Book and Pen regularly. Click the necessary posts, read the opinions of different peoples. Note down which you think important

Easy Communication

To send an E-card, to write something short for your team members and send through your Stream Post, Chatting, write a short Team Mail – these are very easy. It doesn’t require any good or best skills. Anybody can utilize these tools for their Team Member/s

If you follow the above steps you can become a good Sponsor without skills for communication

Hope the above will satisfy you to improve your communication skills by which you may become an awesome Sponsor for your Team in near future ”


Another Affiliate answers:

“Obviously you need to improve the aspect of your communications skills which you think you are not good at.

If its because you cannot communicate very well verbally with others, you will need to identify why this is so and work hard at eliminating your deficiencies. In SFI, there is little requirement to verbally communicate with team members. All your work can be done via the internet and you do not have to ring them up and speak with them.

Written communication is a lot easier for most people because they can see and can check what they have written before it is sent out to the recipients. You can check you grammar, spelling, punctuation, format and the tone of your message.

If English is not your native tongue, you can use the online translators. Prepare your message in your native tongue and then translate it to English before sending it out. I would suggest that after translating it in English, translate it back to your language and see if it is the message that you want to convey. Translators are not perfect but they are a big help. Use the ‘language’ Forum.

Use all the communication tools that have been provided by SFI – team mails, streams, E-cards, messengers etc..

A tip:

Often its not what you actually type that affiliates respond to. I believe that what matters to the affiliates is the fact that you are communicating with them regularly, encouraging them, responding to their questions and answering them as best as you can. You don’t have to explain everything to them. Most of the answers to the questions are already contained in the SFI lessons and texts. Get to know where to find these and give the relevant links to your affiliates as required. They can read for themselves. Its also the best way for them to learn and for them to find answers for themselves.

Another tip:

Go to your genealogy report. Identify those with birthdays and anniversaries and send them congratulatory messages as necessary. I find most affiliates like these.

More tips:

Whenever one of your team members or yourself achieve a milestone such as rank, win a major prize etc.. sing their praises. Send out streams, mention these on your leadership page, mention them in you newsletters. Heap accolades on them and hopefully that will motivate others to do try harder.

Whenever you come across matters that your team should know about, let them know immediately. Eg, when Spin & Win is on, its always within a limited time frame. Don’t presume that your affiliates have seen it and will act on it. Send out messages to let them know about it and for them to act on them promptly. Its free VP and most affiliates appreciate the reminders.

As you can see, the secret is not the fact that you can speak and write fancifully. The secret is how you communicate with them. ”




What are the best ways to recruit good, new affiliates?

Ask SC Answer of the Day

What are the best ways to recruit good, new affiliates?

“We all want good affiliates, active affiliates, affiliates that understand SFI and see the possibilities and work hard to be successful. Just like you.

Whatever method you use to recruit affiliates, you can not be sure if those who join you will in fact excel. There are no guarantees. The success of your team will partly depend on your skills as an awesome sponsor. And then luck will play its part. Are you lucky enough to get the next top rank in the Power Ranks in your team?

Ways to recruit:

SFI has a vast amount of tools to help you market the SFI opportunity:

Your own gateway
Text ads
SFI X-Cards
…and many more

SFI also has the S-Builder Co-Op. If you are still new in the SFI Business or do not have the time and means to market, this is an excellent tool for you to utilize. In TripleClicks, there are similar co-ops that you can buy into–other people recruit your affiliates for you, people who have the necessary know-how of big time marketing and recruiting.

A Website and blog will do wonders for your recruitment if set up effectively. SFI’s Training Course, Internet Income, discuss Websites at length. On the Internet, there are countless Web design methods with all sorts of packages.

If you want to go the free way, look at Classified Ad sites. There are plenty! Look for ones that have lots of traffic and where you have an account where you can see how your listings are performing regarding hits or views. Paid Classifieds expose your ads to even more visitors. Pay Per Click advertising also offers some action.

Offline marketing will get you some interested people. Start with family, friends, and colleagues–people you trust and know. Warm marketing can work wonders. Personal, one-to-one communication about the SFI opportunity with people close to you will go a long way in ensuring possible action in your downline.

The social networks like FB and Twitter where you might have a large circle of friends who know you, can also be utilized to recruit Affiliates.

Which marketing methods to utilize?

It’s best to put effort into every method out there. Get marketing going in different ways so you can investigate which method or methods are the more effective recruitment tool.

Which is the best?

You will only know where you succeed the most after you’ve utilized every method out there. You will know where your Affiliates are coming from. As you become aware of which method you benefit most from, start utilizing that path more. Increase your efforts towards that method.

Never forget the importance of SFI’s Forum and ASK SC. In these platforms, you will have access to every question you have about how best to recruit affiliates. Use the Forum to ask the advice of old hands in the fields of marketing, Websites and blogs.

Best of luck! ”



Suresh Asks: “For new affiliates without any marketing experience, what are the best ways to start marketing?”

” Personal & Financial SUCCESS In Ninety Days Or Less “

For new affiliates without any marketing experience, what are the best ways to start marketing?

Category: Getting Started
Asked by Suresh Kumar R
An Affiliate Responds:

“Marketing is by definition is communicating the value of a product, service or brand to customers. So I say, we all have some degree of marketing experience. It’s just the same as telling your friends about a really cool restaurant with 5 star service. Your friends are going to pick up on your body language and the inflection in your voice to buy into the idea of visiting that restaurant. Most will ask is the food really expensive for the money or do you get your money’s worth. Of course you are going to tell them that the menu selection is awesome. The space is immaculate and the servers are top notch. You tell them it’s the kind of place that you would love to spend time with your family.

Hence, you are marketing for the restaurant without even knowing it! Apply this same principle to Strong Future International and Tripleclicks. Accentuate what you love about SFI/Tripleclicks. Tell your prospects why you use the service. In essence, word of mouth marketing is the cheapest and best form of advertising because you are able to sell value to people who know you and trust your opinions. Add enthusiasm to the body language and you can market everything under the sun to the right prospect at the right time. This is where anyone can start and the rest is up to you.”

Younssi Asks: “How do I get my affiliates to understand the importance of grabbing the DAILY Action VP available to them?”

How do I get my affiliates to understand the importance of grabbing the DAILY Action VP available to them?
Category: Duplication
Asked by Younssi Abdellatif
 An Affiliate gives Response:
“We can never make people do what they are not willing to do. We can however show the value to them. May I suggest the following illustration:Daily action is important because missed opportunities to earn daily VP can be costly. Let’s say that you are working toward EA. You feel you have a good handle on it, so you don’t log in for 10 days throughout the month. So you missed the opportunity to grab 130 VP. Then on the end of the month you wind up with 1450 VP. Will you make EA? No! To add insult to injury you only missed it by 50 VP.Team leaders get matching VP. So let’s say you are EA trying to qualify as BTL. Upon examination of your genealogy, you find you have 10 EA2s in your first 6 generations for a combined total of 15000 VP. That’s in addition to the VP that you’ve accrued throughout the month. You feel you got a handle on the situation and at the end of the month 2974 VP. Your child got sick so you missed 2 days logging in. That’s 26 VP that you could have collected for FREE! So now, not only do you not make BTL but you lose 15000 matching shares – ouch!

So what’s the point? Log in everyday and earn those FREE VP because each month 1000s find themselves in the pickle of missing their objective by just a few VP.”

Another Affiliate Responds:
“How many times affiliates at the Forum asked about ways to collect certain amount of the much needed AVPs to move up to the next rank? Missing one day of logging in could be a deciding factor in fulfilling your monthly AVP requirement for maintaining your EA/TL status or moving up to the next rank.VP is the metric used in calculating your monthly commission. Be an example yourself by logging in everyday grabbing the daily action VP. Your affiliates will most likely follow your lead.The daily action VP is an important part of your daily SFI business operation and shows the level of your commitment through your daily log in. It has an impact on the following:- Your SFI Rank- VP Leaderboard

- Overall Power Rank/Country Rank

- VP Streak/All-Time-VP Streak

You need to emphasize to them the value of grabbing the daily action VP going through each section, not just clicking the blue buttons. Each section contains important information such as the latest threads on the forum, tips in growing SFI/TC income, vast collections of solutions to business problems at Ask SC, and so on.

You need to show them that in a 30 day month, they will accumulate approximately 480 AVP, which is almost one third of the 1500 VP requirement to achieve EA status. They can qualify for shares of the TC Executive Pool by collecting the remaining 1020 VP through TC sales.

You need to let them know that performing the daily Action VP reflects the level of commitment in growing their SFI business and without commitment there is no success.

If they understand and follow these habits (logging in daily) which form a very important part of their daily SFI business activity then duplication process will start to unfold in your organization.

Through your badge your affiliate will see an impression about you, showing your current total number of times of logging into your SFI homepage.

For example, the Daily VP Streak badge is based on the number of consecutive days that you’ve been collecting 10 VP or more, if you’ve been collecting 10 VP or more everyday for the whole year, you’ll be displaying a badge of “365-DAY VP STREAK” enclosed with a gold trim and at the same time a badge of “365-Day All-Time VP Streak” enclosed with a bronze trim. This will look very impressive on your SFI homepage, Leadership page, Affiliate snapshot and your JMT Gateway.

Your affiliates would want the same badge that you have and that’s how you can get through your message to them emphasizing the importance of grabbing the daily action VP that’s available to them. ”

Another Affiliate gives a Response:

“Someone had asked this question recently. I’m going to tell you the same thing I told this person.

It’s the little things that add up to create big things. Those Daily Action VP are like pieces of a puzzle. You constantly have to put those pieces together to solve that puzzle; otherwise, you miss out on a great opportunity.

So, if your affiliates skip out on scoring those daily VersaPoints, they’ll have missed out on becoming Executive Affiliate and so on, and earning commissions. Even I try to emphasize this concept to my affiliates.

Of course, there are going to be some members who sign up for the heck of it and “drop dead,” meaning they become inactive. Don’t let any of your affiliates miss out on scoring those daily VP, or else they’ll be kicking themselves in the butt.”


Ellie asks “What are the best methods to attract new TripleClicks members?”

” Personal & Financial SUCCESS In Ninety Days Or Less “

What are the best methods to attract new TripleClicks members?
Category: TripleClicks Sales
Asked by Ellie Murphy
Affiliate Responds:
“In my honest opinion, I had great success promoting TC Gift Cards online using safelists. The key to this strategy is the approach. I always approach potential members from the standpoint of saving money first on name brand merchandise they buy already, then saving the time it would take to go to the shopping mall or the local store. Finally, I drive the point home with convenience of free shipping in many cases and having your merchandise shipped right to your front door so you avoid traffic, long checkout lines, and hassle of dealing with poor customer service at the store. There are multiple checkout options to make a secure transaction online which is GeoTrust Verified and utilizes SSL encryption technology to protect sensitive payment information. Shopping TripleClicks is quick, simple, and easy.Every shopper loves to save money. Shopaholics live for the deal! TripleClicks will save you money so you do more of what you love to do. All you have to do is use the filter to find the best deal base on the criteria you are looking for. I advise them that if you can’t save money by making the switch to TripleClicks then don’t do it! Factor in the time it takes to go to the store and back along with the gas. With TripleClicks you don’t have to spend the gas which saves you money. If the item happens to be on auction you can save up to 99% off retail!Moreover many of the ECAs allow for local pickup and all of the prizes won on auctions are shipped for free. This saves you time and money. Avoid rude cashiers, unhelpful sales associates, and long checkouts. Not to mention in bigger cities, there can be a traffic jam. TripleClicks is a very attractive solution to every bargain hunter and the TC Gift Card provides even more savings because they got it for free!Therefore the best approach to attract TC members is to give them what they need as a viable shopping solution and TripleClicks over delivers. My shopping experiences have been excellent. I mostly buy items to build my business but there is so much to choose from. So all you need to do is grab a few digital gift cards and go to work! “
Another Affiliate Responds:
“Prospective TC members can be acquired in a variety of ways such as social media, trade shows or online through your website or blog. If you want to maximize your exposure and attract significant number of prospects for TripleClicks, you have to make use of all available advertising channels for prospecting effectively.
1. Start with SFI marketing methods
You can start with the marketing methods provided by SFIusing all the 35 Marketing Aids ranging from Wearables (T-Shirts), X-Cards, TC-E-Cards/banners, TC Gift Card, Car Magnet, TC Splash and TC Postcard.2. Use search engines
Search engines are the top source of new website visitors, so it’s worth investing on SEO. More web pages mean more search traffic. The more web pages you have, the stronger Google sees your website.More web pages could mean:- More keywords you can target and rank for.- More information so that your prospects will be able to find you when they are searching online for TC products/services offer.- Increasing the number of chances that other websites will be able to link to your content as a reference.Adding frequently more pages with quality content, the more frequently Google checks your website and starts showing your new pages in the search results the more exposure you’ll get to target your prospects.3. Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC)Search engines allow advertising against results. In Google your ads will appear at the top and right hand side of the page. It is well worth the effort of learning how to use PPC effectively to super-charge your progress.4. Use social media, blogs and forumsSocial media, forums and blogs can be a great source of TC prospects. People hold discussions online in forums, blogs and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Some of these sites will be talking about your specialty. For instance, if you’re promoting TC Health & Wellness products/services, there are plenty of discussions taking place about healthy diet supplements and weight loss.Provided that you participate responsibly and provide genuinely helpful advice, you can get the chance to talk about your TC promotion. In fact, if done skillfully, people will end up asking you for information about what your offer, and that can be really powerful. Just make sure you know the terms and conditions of each site and abide by them, to avoid tarnishing your reputation.

5. Use link building

Search for sites that cater for your particular niche, and get them to either link to you or put you in their search results. In return, put a link back to them. This can offer added value to your visitors as well as boosting your traffic – it’s a win-win situation. It should give you more traffic through the link, and also lift your ranking in the search engines, giving more traffic that way as well.

6. Provide some additional value at your site

The digital TC Gift Card is an effective way of attracting prospects/visitors to your web/blog site. It provides additional value to your site and you can track your new PRMs at http://www.sfimg.com/gctrack

7. Use email marketing

Use emails to keep in touch with your TC prospects and turn them into solid leads. If you have launched an email campaign to attract new TC members, you need to follow up on your prospects. You can use automated marketing emails (auto responders) to boost your marketing efforts. Expand your audience and get your message across to more and more people; nurture leads and navigate them through the sales funnel using targeted content distributed via email. The best thing about email is that it can be used together with other tools such as social media (add a sign up form to your Facebook page for example) or networking events (collect emails and add them to your database).

8. Market offline

You need also to consider whether traditional marketing methods such as direct mail or doing personally small stuff like distributing TC Gift Cards, placing your TC X-Cards to designated places in small businesses or in malls, may drive traffic cost-effectively to your site.

Use different marketing strategies.

Create a marketing strategy that includes email marketing, social media, word-of-mouth and so on. Develop a marketing plan for attracting your TC prospects and assess the results of each campaign. Give yourself permission to adjust the strategy as you discover which medium works best and stick to it. ”


Another Affiliate Answers:

“Well,social net working sites play a dominant role in attracting new members to triple clicks,by effective marketing tools and banners ,u can explain the importance of triple clicks to huge members who see social sites , and by your gateway links,you can explain about triple click products of your store and by highlighting the various features of TC ,like t credits, eager zebra games ,u can easily attract new members to join triple clicks.”


Advanced Liquid Nutrition (Three 32 oz. Bottles) & 50 TCredits
Retails at: $183.00Winning bid: $2.38
Auction ended: 2015-06-03 18:06:47 CST
Auction length: 3 hours 36 minutes 40 seconds
Auction ID: 60729

Won by TripleClicks Member
  • 1WA NBA New Auction
  • PTP Winner: Roshan
  • Bidders