What Is The Secret To Making Money With SFI ?

What Is The Secret To Making Money With SFI ?

Residual Income Rocks

Persistence, perseverance and duplication are the key features in SFI that lead to making money here. It will create an opportunity to tap into residual income, direct commissions and much more.

To achieve this, SFI has presented with plethora of aiding tools to grow and expand your business in to a successful one. It is very important that we understand them and know them one by one and how they help you grow your earnings?

1. Daily Tasks: Visiting all the tabs daily keeps you abreast with the developments in each section and earns you a valuable VP; entry into Daily Grand and upon completion of 10 VP for the day your entry into E 365 contest is done. You can earn $50 in cash with a win in E365. This provides you with opportunity to grow your business faster. Further to this your VP total can be greatly increased to 500 and more through these actions.

2. Weekly Tasks: Helps you inform and / or train your team members through stream posts and PSA/ CSA/ team mails. This also provides you with valuable 23 VP for the week.

3. Monthly Tasks: Provides you to set the direction you would like to move upon by setting Goals and provide you an opportunity to maintain good relationship by rating your sponsor and co-sponsor. Further, visit to T connect page help you acknowledge your active growth and provide you to improve it further by having more member listings and badges. In doing so you can accumulate 20 VP for the month.

4. Visiting TC Page: Provides you the opportunity to know about deal of the day and other useful products that can be bought or sold or promoted to your team members. If you buy them you get the valuable VP attached to them and the product at discounted value and if you sell them you are entitled for 45% of the CV as your direct commissions. Team building products can provide immediate impetus to your growth.

5. EZ Games: Give you a direct opportunity to win various Zackpot prizes on hourly; daily; weekly or monthly basis. $20 Gift Certificate can boost your business growth. Your winnings help you achieve your goals faster and it is all fun involved in it. You can earn up to 200 VP in a month to reach your goals.

6. PB Auctions: With variety of products on auction you can choose as per your choice to participate in to win at considerably lower than retail price. With your participation each T Credit spent provides you a VP and MRP to have a healthy way to enhance your VP tally to reach to your rank targets. You can earn up to 500 VP in a month. 

All the above tools help you grow your self and achieve your targets set towards Rank, growth and team building. Apart from the above, you need to have other aspect to grow and stabilize your business, they are enlisted below:

7. Marketing Materials and Aids: This help you have product; games; auction; business growth banners posted on your website or other websites through social media or other means to promote your business in many ways. You can also track results of your marketing efforts through hit tracking on your URL. Just keep a key code to track it easily.

8. Training Material: A very comprehensive material has been compiled by SFI to help your growth at each step. Just follow it to take advantage.

9. “Friend’s Challenge” for EZ Games and “Share and Win” with PB Auctions are other means to advertise and grow your team and your earnings.

10. Gift cards, TC Cards etc are other means to effect your growth.

You can really have an advantageous position in your business if you can use the listed points above in a coordinated manner. Just remember that you have to be persistent in using them daily and promote it to your team first, to get duplication started of your efforts at the earliest.

These steps would not only help you grow your earnings but your business on the whole.

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