Younssi Asks: “How do I get my affiliates to understand the importance of grabbing the DAILY Action VP available to them?”

How do I get my affiliates to understand the importance of grabbing the DAILY Action VP available to them?
Category: Duplication
Asked by Younssi Abdellatif
 An Affiliate gives Response:
“We can never make people do what they are not willing to do. We can however show the value to them. May I suggest the following illustration:Daily action is important because missed opportunities to earn daily VP can be costly. Let’s say that you are working toward EA. You feel you have a good handle on it, so you don’t log in for 10 days throughout the month. So you missed the opportunity to grab 130 VP. Then on the end of the month you wind up with 1450 VP. Will you make EA? No! To add insult to injury you only missed it by 50 VP.Team leaders get matching VP. So let’s say you are EA trying to qualify as BTL. Upon examination of your genealogy, you find you have 10 EA2s in your first 6 generations for a combined total of 15000 VP. That’s in addition to the VP that you’ve accrued throughout the month. You feel you got a handle on the situation and at the end of the month 2974 VP. Your child got sick so you missed 2 days logging in. That’s 26 VP that you could have collected for FREE! So now, not only do you not make BTL but you lose 15000 matching shares – ouch!

So what’s the point? Log in everyday and earn those FREE VP because each month 1000s find themselves in the pickle of missing their objective by just a few VP.”

Another Affiliate Responds:
“How many times affiliates at the Forum asked about ways to collect certain amount of the much needed AVPs to move up to the next rank? Missing one day of logging in could be a deciding factor in fulfilling your monthly AVP requirement for maintaining your EA/TL status or moving up to the next rank.VP is the metric used in calculating your monthly commission. Be an example yourself by logging in everyday grabbing the daily action VP. Your affiliates will most likely follow your lead.The daily action VP is an important part of your daily SFI business operation and shows the level of your commitment through your daily log in. It has an impact on the following:- Your SFI Rank- VP Leaderboard

- Overall Power Rank/Country Rank

- VP Streak/All-Time-VP Streak

You need to emphasize to them the value of grabbing the daily action VP going through each section, not just clicking the blue buttons. Each section contains important information such as the latest threads on the forum, tips in growing SFI/TC income, vast collections of solutions to business problems at Ask SC, and so on.

You need to show them that in a 30 day month, they will accumulate approximately 480 AVP, which is almost one third of the 1500 VP requirement to achieve EA status. They can qualify for shares of the TC Executive Pool by collecting the remaining 1020 VP through TC sales.

You need to let them know that performing the daily Action VP reflects the level of commitment in growing their SFI business and without commitment there is no success.

If they understand and follow these habits (logging in daily) which form a very important part of their daily SFI business activity then duplication process will start to unfold in your organization.

Through your badge your affiliate will see an impression about you, showing your current total number of times of logging into your SFI homepage.

For example, the Daily VP Streak badge is based on the number of consecutive days that you’ve been collecting 10 VP or more, if you’ve been collecting 10 VP or more everyday for the whole year, you’ll be displaying a badge of “365-DAY VP STREAK” enclosed with a gold trim and at the same time a badge of “365-Day All-Time VP Streak” enclosed with a bronze trim. This will look very impressive on your SFI homepage, Leadership page, Affiliate snapshot and your JMT Gateway.

Your affiliates would want the same badge that you have and that’s how you can get through your message to them emphasizing the importance of grabbing the daily action VP that’s available to them. ”

Another Affiliate gives a Response:

“Someone had asked this question recently. I’m going to tell you the same thing I told this person.

It’s the little things that add up to create big things. Those Daily Action VP are like pieces of a puzzle. You constantly have to put those pieces together to solve that puzzle; otherwise, you miss out on a great opportunity.

So, if your affiliates skip out on scoring those daily VersaPoints, they’ll have missed out on becoming Executive Affiliate and so on, and earning commissions. Even I try to emphasize this concept to my affiliates.

Of course, there are going to be some members who sign up for the heck of it and “drop dead,” meaning they become inactive. Don’t let any of your affiliates miss out on scoring those daily VP, or else they’ll be kicking themselves in the butt.”


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